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The KidCo swing pod is the most portable baby swing in the world. It combines the calming benefits of both a baby swing and a baby swaddle which is why it works so well as a colic cure. The swing pod was invented by a new father to a baby that had colic. Desperate for a way to calm his fussy baby he came up with idea to combine a baby swing and baby swaddle blanket. The result is the swing pod, formally known as the swaddle swing. The merging of a baby swing and baby swaddle in one product worked so well that he knew he had to get it out other parents. The swing pod has help thousands of parents with their babies that have colic. It is the only baby swing for infants that acts as a swaddle blanket and a portable baby changing pad. Swaddle up your baby with the swaddle strap and hit the road. No longer do you have to be afraid to leave you house with a fussy baby. It is the best portable baby swing available so you can go to a restaurant without fear. The swing pod is also a great travel baby swing. Easily packs into any diaper bag or backpack so you use it at an airport, on the plane, and then at grandma's; so house. The swing pod has multiple patents that ensure your baby is safe and secure. The swaddle strap keeps your infant securely swaddled while you use the best baby swing for infants. The portable baby swing swing pod is helpful in calming a colicky baby.



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