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The saliva in a mosquito bite can be an irritant to children and adults with sensitive skin or allergies. Fortunately, The Natural Patch Company's MagicPatch's unique grid system will mechanically drain the saliva from bug bites, reducing itching, reactions, and sensitivity all in one go.

The urge to scratch a mosquito bite can be overwhelming, especially for children. Take it too far, and a simple bite can become a deep scratch or even an infection. Fortunately, Magic Patches plaster over the bite, providing a physical barrier that limits scratching.

While sprays and creams may provide effective itch relief, they're also short-lasting, messy and smelly. They're also filled with chemicals that may provoke allergies or aggravate sensitive skin in children and adults. You can skip all the extra laundry and aerosol choking hazards by using MagicPatch for a mess-free, smell-free, and long-lasting itch-relief solution. Magic Patches provide relief as long as they stay on the skin (up to 7 days) and stay effective in water.



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