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Closeup of Matter Company organic lotions, oils and teas

Entreprise de matière

Natural & organic skincare products for baby & mom to nurture delicate skin with high-quality ingredients.

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Made in Canada, Matter Company offers a line of premium, organic, and natural skincare for both baby and mom, carefully crafted with high-quality ingredients to nourish and protect delicate skin. From soothing balms and lotions to gentle cleansers and oils, their products are designed to provide safe and effective care. The Matter Company herbal teas help to soothe uneasy tummies, Belly Jelly creams increase skin's elasticity, and their nipple cream alleviates sore nipples. Free of mineral oils and chemicals, find a wide selection of body lotions and nappy rash ointments to nourish babies' sensitive skin. Shop Matter Company in Canada with free shipping over $49*!