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The Ultimate Wagon Buying Guide

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The family wagon is a super versatile home base that allows you to effortlessly explore the great outdoors with your kids in tow. 

Whether you're headed to the park, beach, hiking trail, or just a stroll around your neighbourhood, a high-quality wagon is a must-have for parents looking to keep things simple while maximizing family time.  

More versatile than a stroller, wagons allow you to comfortably transport children of all ages, along with all the gear needed for a fun day out.  

So, get ready to find your perfect wagon match with our ultimate guide! We'll cover every consideration, from capacity and terrain needs to comfort and storage solutions. By the time we're through, you'll be an expert on picking the wagon equipped to keep your family rolling through all your memory-making explorations for years to come!



Wagon de croisière tout-terrain



All-Terrain Cruiser XL Wagon



Cruiser City Wagon 2 places



Cruiser City XL Wagon 4 places


Wagon vs. Stroller  

Why a wagon and not just use a stroller? Great question! 

While strollers are still great for babies and toddlers, wagons provide unmatched versatility as your children grow.  

One of the biggest advantages is their ability to accommodate bigger kids (rambunctious preschoolers love riding in a wagon!). Many wagons have enough seating for up to four kids, with large weight limits that allow for years of use. 

Another key benefit is the amount of storage space they provide compared to standard strollers. Large storage baskets, wells, and pockets give you plenty of room to bring all the family gear you need — diaper bags, coolers, toys, blankets, you name it!  

At the beach or park, your wagon doubles as the perfect home base to store and access everything you've brought without lugging it around. Wagons even have room for the family pooch to hitch a ride! 

The all-terrain capabilities of many wagons also make them incredibly versatile compared to strollers. With larger rubber tires, some can seamlessly transition from grassy parks to sandy beaches. Many wagons double as diaper changing stations with padded flat surfaces which are perfect for on-the-go changes (no need to carry a separate portable changing pad anymore!). When it's time to head home, most wagons fold up flat for easy storage and transport, sliding right into your vehicle’s trunk or backseat. 

But perhaps the biggest draw is the sheer fun factor — kids absolutely love riding in wagons! They feel like they're cruising around in style, turning a mundane outing into an exciting adventure.



Poussette double W2 Elite



Poussette Poussette Pousser et Tirer X2 2 Passagers



W4 Luxe Quad Poussette Wagon


Things To Consider  

There are lots of important factors you should weigh when choosing the perfect wagon for your family's needs: 

What terrain will you be using it on?  

One key consideration is what types of terrain you'll primarily be using the wagon on. Some models are better suited for smooth surfaces like sidewalks and paths, with smaller plastic wheels and more stroller-like designs that can only be pushed.  

For families that will be using their wagon at parks, trails, and beaches more often, an all-terrain wagon is a must. These have larger rubber tires that can roll across grass, dirt, sand and uneven ground with ease. Many all-terrain wagons can also be pushed or pulled, switching between stroller and traditional wagon functionality as needed for different environments. 

How many kids do you have? What are their ages?  

The capacity of the wagon is another huge factor based on the size of your family. Single rider wagons are compact and easy to maneuver, but bigger families will need to look at double, triple, or even quad seating options.  

Be sure to check both the total capacity of the wagon and the individual weight limits for each seat. This will determine how many kids it can carry and how long you can continue using the wagon as they get bigger. Some wagons are designed to work from birth with attachments for infant car seats or bassinets, while others require kids to have full head and neck control first. Be sure to check the suitable age usage as you are shopping. 

What are your storage needs?  

For outings away from home, every family has different storage needs for all their must-have gear.  

Check the total weight capacity the wagon can carry including both kids and belongings. Also inspect what storage solutions are included — things like interior mesh pockets, rear storage baskets, or Velcro pouches can help keep things organized. If you know you'll have lots of bulky gear like coolers, toys, and changes of clothes, look for a wagon with high weight capacity and ample storage compartments. 

What does the wagon come with and what accessories are at an added cost?  

When evaluating different models, be sure to note what actually comes included versus what would require purchasing additional paid accessories. Some wagons come ready with premium features like canopies, snack trays, and cup holders (like the BOB Renegade). Others are more basic, and you'll need to buy those convenience accessories separately. If you want things like sunshades or cup holders, factor in those costs up front. 

Is your wagon convertible?  

Another consideration is whether you'd prefer a wagon with expandability and conversion options.  

Some models have the capability to add seats, extend footwells, or even include special ride-along boards as your family grows. These convertible options allow a single wagon to transform and extend its usable lifespan for years as your kids grow. For a long-lasting investment, convertibility is incredibly handy. 



7S 2.0 - Wagon Poussette 2 Passagers



Poussette Wagon 7S+ 4 passagers


Keep In Mind as You Shop 

No matter which model you choose, there are certain key features that make a wagon safe, comfortable, and convenient for busy families: 

  • Safety should be the top priority, so inspect each wagon's safety lineup thoroughly. Look for 3 or 5-point adjustable harness systems to keep kids in place. Having an accessible foot brake is another crucial safety feature to securely lock the wagon when not in use, while properly vented canopies with high UPF are a must to shield kids from sun exposure on long outings. Some models have individual retractable canopies you buy separately like the Veer Cruiser. Others come with one canopy that covers the entire wagon with rollable blackout panels with UV Protection like the Keenz XC Luxury. 

  • Comfort features make wagon rides more enjoyable for kids (and parents too!). Opt for wagons with reclining padded seats that can be removed for cleaning (like many of the Keenz wagons). Expanding footwells gives room to stretch out as kids grow. Rear wheel fenders prevent mud and debris from kicking up on you as you operate the wagon. Four-wheel suspension and swivelling front wheels provide a smooth, stable ride, while adjustable handlebars let parents of different heights push or pull at a comfortable angle. Well-designed mesh panels will also provide ample ventilation to keep everyone cool. 
    Some wagons, like the Larktale Caravan V3, even have adjustable seating with a flat base that provides a perfect surface for bigger children to nap on the go (you can zip out a piece to create a footwell — or keep it flat). For newborns, the Veer has a Napping Kit!
  • Convenience features make wagons even more user-friendly. Integrated cup holders, snack trays, and quick-access zippered doors all add ease. Premium models also have ample pockets, pouches and storage baskets to keep everything you need in reach. Look for wagons that can fold down to a flat, self-standing position with a simple one-handed operation when it's time to load up. Additionally, fabrics that resist stains, fading, and water (like the W4 Luxe Quad) are ideal for heavy outdoor use and easy cleaning. 

    Larktale & BOB

Caravane Coupé (2 places) Poussette Wagon



Caravane Coupé Quad Compact Poussette/Wagon 4 places



Pack de chariot renégat - Nightfall


Roll Into Adventure 

The perfect wagon simplifies family adventures and makes creating memories even more fun. With so many options tailored for different family needs, it's easy to find a wagon equipped for your crew's unique lifestyle. Keep these tips in mind as you weigh factors like capacity, terrain, storage needs and convenient features — your dream family wagon is out there waiting for you! 

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