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Baby smiling in a blooming bath flower shaped infant tub

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Experience ultimate comfort with a plush, flower-shaped bath cushion for your baby's safe & cozy bath time.

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Transform bath time into a cozy and enjoyable experience with Blooming Bath. The innovative and adorable flower-shaped bath cushion provides optimal comfort and support for your little one while ensuring safety in the tub. Why do parents adore Blooming Bath? It's the plushness and gentle touch of our ultra-soft materials. Made from premium, high-quality fabrics, Blooming Bath is incredibly soft against your baby's delicate skin, creating a soothing and snuggly environment during bath time. The petals of the flower shape provide a comfortable and supportive surface, ensuring a worry-free bathing experience for both you and your little one. Designed with practicality in mind, Blooming Bath is easy to use and clean. Simply place it in your sink, baby bathtub, or even a regular bathtub, and watch it conform to the shape, creating a cozy and secure space for your baby. After bath time, just squeeze out the excess water and hang it to dry, ready for the next delightful bath experience. Shop Blooming Bath in Canada and get free shipping over $49*!