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Baby sleeping in the innovative Love To Dream SWADDLE up sleep sack

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A range of innovative sleep solutions that make bedtime a dream for both babies & parents.

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Love to Dream has been helping sleep-deprived parents achieve safer, better, longer sleep for themselves and their babies. Best known for their groundbreaking approach to swaddling, the SWADDLE Up allows babies to sleep in a natural, arms-up position, promoting self-soothing and comfort. The soft, breathable fabric provides a gentle embrace, helping your little one feel secure and calm throughout the night. As your little one grows, their sleep needs evolve. That's why Love To Dream offers a range of products, from newborn swaddles to transition suits, that adapts to your baby's changing sleep patterns. Transitioning from swaddling to arms-free sleep has never been easier or more seamless! All swaddles are designed with features that promote safe sleep practices, including hip-healthy designs and approved fabrics. You can trust Love To Dream to create a sleep environment that nurtures your baby's well-being. Shop Love To Dream in Canada and get free shipping on orders over $49*!