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Best Sleepers for Newborn Babies

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Welcoming a newborn into the world is an incredibly special time filled with joy, excitement, and of course, countless diaper changes and outfit swaps! Ensuring your little one stays comfortable and content during those precious slumbering hours is key. That's why having a cozy, functional sleeper wardrobe is essential right from the start! 

From soft, breathable fabrics to easy dressing designs, the right newborn sleepwear can make those late nights (and early mornings) so much smoother.  

In this guide, we'll cover all the must-have features to look for and share our top sleeper picks to give your baby the sweetest dreamland snuggles. 


Things to Consider 

When shopping for newborn sleepwear, there are several key factors to consider so your babe is comfortable all night long: 

  • Fabric: First, is the type of fabric...which is crucial for baby's delicate skin. Opt for soft, lightweight, and breathable natural fabrics like cotton, bamboo rayon, or anything soy-based. These allow proper airflow and wick away moisture. Avoid synthetic fabrics like polyester or nylon that can trap heat and irritate sensitive skin. 
  • Safety: Safety should be the top priority when choosing newborn sleepwear. Skip any pieces with loose decorations such as appliques, bows, or pom-poms, as these could become choking hazards. Drawstrings, waistbands, and ties also pose strangulation risks. For sleepwear, choose snug-fitting styles. 
  • Sizing: Newborns grow incredibly quickly, so sizing can be tricky. Most labels provide height/weight guidelines, but babies may be long and lean or short and sturdy. When in doubt, size up slightly for a little longevity before the next growth spurt. If sleepwear is too small, it can bind and become uncomfortable for baby. 
  • Fuss-Free: In those early months of endless diaper changes and outfit swaps, you'll appreciate sleepwear that's easy to dress and fuss-free! Stretchy side-snap tees, two-way zippers, and gowns with generous head openings allow for quick dressing without battles. We recommend you steer clear of tiny buttons that become tricky when dressing little wriggling bodies.  
  • Price: Pricey designer looks can be tempting, but they aren't practical for newborns. Invest in well-made yet affordable sleepwear from trusted brands that will stand up to frequent washings. 
  • Seasonal: Be mindful of seasonal needs based on your climate. Lightweight cotton is perfect for warm weather while fleece or thicker knits provide cozy warmth in winter. Additionally, you can layer them with a sleep sack to avoid potentially dangerous loose blankets in their crib 

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Our Top Picks 

Now that you know what to look for, let’s get to our list of best sleepers for your newborn! 

One of our favourites is the Bamboo Footed Sleeper by Pip + Phee. This breathable viscose bamboo blend keeps your baby's temperature perfectly regulated — not too hot or cold (plus it comes in the most adorable array of colours too!). Its two-way zippers make middle-of-the-night diaper changes a breeze and we love the fold-over mitten cuffs to prevent face scratching. Foot grippers are included on the bigger sizes to provide slip-free traction as baby starts cruising. This is a great brand you can learn all about in our Pip + Phee Round-Up! 

The Long Sleeve Sleeper in luxuriously soft TENCEL fabric is another winner. Made by LouLou Lollipop, its full two-way zipper is ideal for quick changes, while the flat seams and tagless neckline maximize comfort against delicate skin. The fold-over hand and foot cuffs allow for a snug and safe fit too. With adorable modern prints, these sleepers look as great as they feel! 

If regulating temperature is a concern, check out the Breathe-Eze Sleeper from Juddlies. Decked out in 100% cotton, it’s already wonderfully lightweight and breathable. The unique perforated inner lining allows for even more airflow to prevent overheating and a double zipper makes diaper swaps super simple! 

The ZippyJamz brand really thought of everything with their organic sleepers! Their Solid Organic Footed Sleepers have fold-over mitts to protect little faces and grippies on the feet to prevent slips. An inseam zipper provides easy access for changes. Their winter weight option (the Organic Footed Sleepers (Winter Collection)) adds cozier ribbed cuffs, while their Assorted Footless Organic Sleepers are perfect for warmer nights while still allowing diaper access! 

L'ovedbaby’s popular Organic Zipper Footed Sleepers do away with the snaps and include a high-quality zipper for easy access! These soft pastel footed sleepers also come with fold-over mitts, grippy soles, and a zipper tab cover. A smart and simple take on everyday baby sleepwear! 

Goumikids goes above and beyond with their Organic Cotton Footie Sleepers. Two-way zippers, an unbuttoned bum flap for on-the-go diaper checks (super convenient!), moto-style knees for crawling comfort, and a convertible foot pocket make this sleeper amazingly functional. The bamboo/cotton fabric is feather-soft yet durable too. Plus, high-contrast mitten patterns on the reverse side provide visual stimulation for infant brain and eye development! 

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Sleepy Smiles Guaranteed 

Welcoming a new baby brings immense joy but also plenty of late nights and early wake-up calls! Having well-designed, practical sleepers like the dreamy options featured in this article can help keep baby comfy. From soft bamboo blends to innovative zipper designs, these sleepers combine delightful coziness with smart functionality.  

You'll want to pair sleepers with a warm sleep sack (learn all about them in our Everything You Need To Know About Sleep Sacks and Top Baby Sleep Sacks guides) to keep baby cozy all night long. 

 For more safe sleep must-haves, check out our Top 5 Products For Safe Sleep article and tips on How To Reduce The Risk of SIDS for supremely snug snoozes!