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Top Baby Sleep Sacks

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We know how much parents value sleep, especially when you have a newborn in the house. That's why we're here to introduce you to your new best friend: the sleep sack 

Picture this: a cozy, wearable blanket that keeps your little bundle of joy snug as a bug while they snooze! Not only do sleep sacks provide a MUCH safer sleep environment by replacing loose bedding that can increase the risk of SIDS and suffocation, but they also keep your baby warm without the risk of overheating. No more worrying about blankets getting tangled or kicked off in the middle of the night!  

So, grab a cup of coffee and get ready to discover why these wonderful little cocoons are the secret weapon every sleep-deprived parent needs. Say hello to peaceful nights and well-rested mornings! 

What is a Sleep Sack? 

A baby sleep sack is like a wearable blanket that replaces loose bedding in the crib, providing a safer and more comfortable sleep environment for babies. But why are they so important? 
Well, besides keeping your baby warm, sleep sacks also prevent the risk of overheating. That's where TOG ratings come into play. TOG (Thermal Overall Grade) is the international standard for measuring how warm a fabric is. Think of it as the duvet equivalent for your little one. Just as you switch to lighter bedding in the summer, sleep sacks have different TOG ratings to suit different temperatures. 
If the nursery gets cool, you'll want a sleep sack with a higher TOG rating, around 2.5. However, during summer, or if you prefer to keep their nursery on the toasty side, opt for a lower TOG rating, around 1 or below. It's all about finding the right balance to ensure your baby is comfortable. 

During those warm summer nights, you will want a sleep sack to keep baby covered but cool. Here are some of our top choices. 

To learn more, check out our “Everything You Need to Know About Sleep Sacks” article. 

Cool Sleep Sacks 

During those warm summer nights, you will want a sleep sack to keep baby covered but cool. Here are some of our top choices: 

Kyte Baby 
The Bamboo Sleep Bag: 
This 1TOG sleep bag is a great choice to keep baby cool during warm nights. Made from breathable and soft fabric, this Kyte Baby bag can reduce the risk of SIDS and help them sleep straight through the night! Plus, it comes in 25 adorable variations! 

Love to Dream 
Swaddle UP Original Sleep Sack: 
From the brand Love To Dream comes this 1TOG sleep sack that uses the “swaddle up” design, where the baby’s arms stay inside, allowing them to fall asleep in a more natural position. Available in 3 colours and 3 sizes, this “arms up” position also prevents face scratching during the night. 
Sleep Bag Premium Duvet: 
Down alternative fill wrapped in silky soft bamboo rayon, this light 1TOG sleep bag keeps baby perfectly cocooned. Gunamuna also includes their WONDERZip diaper zipper for easy middle-of-the-night changes!  

Dreamland Baby 
Dream Weighted Sleep Swaddle: 
This sleep swaddle from Dreamland Baby can wrap up your baby like a burrito with both arms in, one arm in, or both arms out for ultimate comfort. It also evenly distributes weight to increase relaxation, has a two-way zipper for easy diaper changes, and is made from 100% natural cotton for regulating your baby’s body temperature. 

Dreamland Baby 
Dream Weighted Sleep Sack: 
Dreamland’s sack has a TOG of 0.6 for a light and breathable sleep experience. With sizes up to 36 months, it feels like a gentle hug for soothing your baby before they visit the sandman! 

Pip + Phee 
Bamboo Sleep Bag: 
This 1TOG sleep bag boasts a quilted interior for less wear over time, and robust YKK zippers for making diaper changes quick and easy! Made from bamboo, spandex, and polyester, Pip + Phee ensures your baby stays safe as the bag is OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 certified to protect their health. 

Cocoon Swaddle Bag: 
Using breathable, natural fibre for a 1TOG rating, this swaddle bag from ergoPouch comes with a room thermometer as well as press studs that transform it into a sleeping bag once baby is old enough to roll over. 

Love to Dream

Swaddle UP Original Sleep Sack

From $39.99

Warm Sleep Sacks 

 When the weather is cooler out, which is way too often in Canada, reach for a sleep sack with a higher TOG rating.

Kyte Baby 
Bamboo Sleep Bag: 
Our most popular sleep sack brand here at Snuggle Bugz, Kyte Baby, offers this 2.5 TOG sleep bag to keep your baby warm on cold nights. It comes in 3 different sizes for 0 to 36 months and various colours that you and your little one will love.  

Sleep Bag Bamboo Duvet: 
Available in a large array of patterns and colours, this 2.6 TOG sleep bag from Gunamuna is weighted to mimic & insulate like the coziest down comforter! Additionally, it comes with shoulder snaps for easy in/out, is hypoallergenic, and has a wide and long fit for comfort.

Bamboo Sleep Bag - 1 TOG

Bundle & Save!


Year-Round Sleep Sacks 

For those wanting to play it safe, a year-round sleep sack provides the perfect amount of warmth, no matter the weather.

4-Season Ultimate Sleep Bag: 
Made with hypoallergenic merino wool lining, this year-round sleep sack is sized for 2 to 24 months or 2 to 4 years. It also comes with shoulder snaps and opens flat, making it easy to change your little one. For more info on their sleep sacks, read our Woolino Sleep Sack Round-Up. 

Swaddle Organic Cotton: 
This 0 to 3-month organic cotton swaddle has HALO’s unique “Back is Best” reminder embroidery for parents to keep their baby face up at night. You’ll also be able to immobilize their arms to prevent them from the Moro/startle reflex, which can result in a restless night for both baby and mom! 

Bamboo Sleep Bag: 
Canadian-brand Perlimpinpin makes a range of sleep sacks — this one clocks in at 1TOG for year-round use. Made from a blend of cotton and bamboo viscose for babies with allergies and eczema, this sleep bag has been rigorously tested by independent laboratories, ensuring top-notch quality and safety while retaining comfort. 


SleepSack Swaddle 100% Organic Cotton Cream 0-3M 1.5 Tog



Sleep Serenity 

Choosing the right sleep sack for your baby is essential for their safety and comfort. Not only does it keep your little one warm, but it also prevents the risk of overheating. Just like choosing different bedding for different seasons, you have to have the proper sleep sack to suit various temperatures. 

For colder nights, pick up sleep sacks with higher TOG ratings. If it's a warmer night, go with lower TOG ratings. Of course, you can’t go wrong with sleep sacks rated for year-round use. They provide comfort and versatility for your little one in any season.  
Whatever you decide, you’ll find the perfect one to help your baby sleep soundly and safely here at Snuggle Bugz. To learn about more must-have products for safe sleep, click here.