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Everything You Need to Know About Sleep Sacks

Judith Little | | Comments 0

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Those first few months with your precious newborn are a whole new world for you both.

Your baby is still adjusting to being in the outside world – and while a restful sleep routine may take some time for you both, there are so many ways that you can provide them comfort while practicing safe sleep.

One of the best ways to keep babe safe and comfortable while sleeping is using baby sleep sacks and bags so today, we’re sharing all the reasons we love them!

Safe Environment for Baby

You’ve finished your nightly routine of bath timefeeding, and snuggles, and it’s time to put that tiny babe to bed and catch some Zzzzz’s!

Safety first means placing their beloved stuffy or Jellycat on the shelf until morning and loading baby up in a cozy sleep sack or sleep swaddle. Like a wearable blanket, sleep sacks create a cocoon of warmth around your baby and can’t be kicked off or tangled up during the night – and this creates a safer environment for your babe.

The Cotton Sleep Sack Swaddle by HALO soothes by mimicking the close hug of the womb, while preventing them from startling themselves awake with thrashing arms. It can also be wrapped around their little arms in a variety of ways, conforming to their individual sleeping preferences.

Remembering that babies should always be alone in their cribs, sleep sacks provide warm comfort without the potential danger of a loose blanket. If you want to learn more about newborns and sleep, we go into detail on it here


Temperature Regulating

Babies need help regulating their body temperatures and baby sleep bags are designed to keep them cozy through the night.

Remember that warm cocoon we mentioned? The sleep sack’s roomy, footless design allows them to wiggle their feet freely without any loss of heat, while its sleeveless top prevents overheating and allows them to wear it over regular sleepwear.

Our favourite part?

The oh-so accurate TOG warmth rating system that we’re getting into next!

What Is 'TOG' Anyways?

If you’re already curious about sleep sacks, you may have come across the TOG system and wondered what exactly that is.

In short, TOG is the international standard for measuring the thermal insulation of a fabric – or, how warm it is. These values are lab tested and typically vary between 0.2T-3.0T for sleep bags [baby sleep bags should be light weight to prevent overheating!].

Think of it like your own duvet – in the winter, you tuck yourself in all cozy with flannel sheets and an extra quilt [TOG is going up], while in the summer you ditch that flannel for lighter cotton and NO quilt [TOG goes way down!], but make it quick before mama has a hot flash.

Start by referencing the temperature of your babe’s nursery and go from there. If it hits the high Celsius teens at night, you will want a higher TOG rating of around 2.5T. If it’s summer or you like to keep it pretty toasty, use a lower TOG rating of around or below 1T.

Is the Sleep Sack for You?

We think sleep sacks can be a total game-changer for your nighttime routine, but what are your thoughts? Do you plan on seeing your little one’s response to a sleep sack?

We have an amazing selection of sleep sacks from brands like Perlimpinpin and Woolino [to name a few!] and, while you’re at it, check out our Related Content for tons of articles on the topic of babies and sleep!

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