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The Vilac Wooden Rocking Horses are a perfect activity for children looking for their first feelings of autonomy. On their horse, accompanied by their parents, they will learn to experience new sensations and new freedoms. Faster, slower, stop, start again, if I accelerate it makes me laugh out loud. The safety arch will give them confidence and the seat height of 32 centimeters is ideal for children from 12 months+. A cherished gift, this wooden horse is a timeless piece for the baby's room. This Vilac wooden horse will allow your little one to develop their gross motor skills. The rocking motion, back and forth, stimulates their psychomotor development. On long rides in the living room, your little one will improve their coordination and find their balance. Their senses, including proprioception (spatial reference) will be developed and their vestibular system (balance) stimulated. A whole new imaginary world: Your child, through this rocking horse, can also develop their empathy for animals. From the age of 18 months, they will begin to take care of their horse, cuddling it, feeding it, covering it with a very soft blanket for the night... They will have fun pretending they are riding a real horse, and during their long hours of play, they will use all their imagination to create a marvelous world. The curved wood runners at the base of the rocking horse are equipped with front and rear buffers to prevent excessive rocking. However, for safety reasons, never leave a child unattended on a rocking horse.

Colour: Ivory White


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