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Toddler Sleep Must-Haves


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At some point before becoming a parent, you may have pictured bedtime as a silent, smiling dance that ends after exactly one bedtime book with you gazing adoringly upon your little one’s angelic snoozing face. However, it doesn't take long for some of us to learn that the reality of “sleeping like a baby” can be a little grouchier, fidget-ier, and I-just-want-one-more-story-ier than advertised.

That can go double for toddlers. Our littles aren't born with a sleep routine in place, and in that tender age between two and five years old, they're often still figuring it out. That’s where we come in as parents. It’s important for us to empower their nightly trip to slumberland so they can get ample rest, which is key to every kid’s physical and mental development.


No matter your approach to bedtime, we recommend following Health Canada’s sleep-safe guidelines — not only for everyone’s nighttime comfort, but to reduce the risk of SIDS.

Some keys for a safe bedtime for toddlers include:
  • Avoid suffocation hazards such as worn pacifiers, plastic covers, and teething necklaces (and stuffed toys, depending on age) 
  • Consider snug-fitting sleepwear made of synthetic fabrics that are less likely to catch fire 
  • Only allow kids two or older to sleep in a bed properly fitted with a portable bed rail 
  • Consider a toddler bed when a child has outgrown their crib, and be sure to follow weight and age restrictions 
  • Check your child’s sleeping area often


One powerful method that works for many is building a bedtime routine that’s right for you and your toddler. You could start with a warm, bubbly bath to relax their little mind and body, followed by pyjamas (pro-tip: let them choose!), brushing their teeth, and bedtime story books until they drift off dreaming of superheroes. (Don’t forget cuddles!)

Of course, routines like this don’t happen overnight — and neither does that tricky transition from crib to bed — so it’s always important to have patience, stay consistent, and give ourselves a little grace as we go.

Easier said than done, right? Don't worry, we're here to help. While there’s no replacement for that bedtime routine — seriously, it’ll happen when it happens — there are some great products that can help give your toddler a head start on sleep before their head even hits the pillow.

Check out some of our fav toddler sleep products below!
Skip Hop Moby Bath Toy Organizer


Kyte Baby Long-Sleeve Toddler Pajama Set


Kyte Baby Bamboo Sleep Bag - 1 TOG

Sleep Sacks

MAM Training Toothbrush 6M+ (Assorted)

Oral Health

A book of sleep board book



Create a calm environment for your toddler's bedtime routine by ensuring their sleep space is free of distractions that can keep them awake. (We’re looking at you, iPad…) A white noise machine, such as the Whish Sound Machine, can block out ambient noises to help kids fall asleep sooner and stay asleep longer. This one features 16 different sounds, including nature noises, to promote a restful night’s sleep. Combine the white noise with blackout blinds or curtains and you’ll be primed for a great sleep, night or day.

Of course, if your little one is scared of the dark, a nightlight can be a lifesaver. The Aloka Train Night Light is a versatile option that works for kids of all ages, while the Cloud B Twinkling Twilight Turtle is perfect for younger toddlers. Nightlights provide a soft glow that can help ease anxiety and provide a sense of security for children when you aren’t around. They also make it easier for parents to check on their little ones without disturbing their sleep.
To reduce the build-up of bacteria, airborne dust particles, allergens, and other indoor pollutants, a humidifier is another great addition to your nursery. We love the Hygro+ Humidifier from Babymoov because it’s noiseless, uses a hygrometer to maintain the optimal moisture level in the air for baby, and has a colour-changing nightlight with 7 options!

As your toddler grows, their bedtime needs will grow, too… and we’re not just talking about hogging more of the blanket. Yes: one day, they’ll sleep in their own bed a little longer, a little more often. When that time comes, you can help foster their independence with a Tommee Tippee Gro Clock, which features visual moon and sun cues for bedtime and wake-ups.

Whish Sound Machine


Cloud B

Twinkling Twilight Turtle


tommee tippee

Gro Clock


Hygro+ Humidifier



Hygro+ Humidifier

Sale Price: $95.99

Regular Price: $119.99


Nothing beats the cuddly coziness of parent-tot snuggles, but you have a handful of options if you don’t want to play the part of a parental body pillow night after night. Recreate that warm feeling of security your younger toddler loves with wearable fleece sleep sacks, which can be worn over pyjamas as your child transitions to a bed. They’re significantly safer than loose blankets and are crafted with a tot’s budding mobility and size in mind.

Keep older kids/toddlers comfortable with right-sized pyjamas — short sleeves in summer and long sleeves in colder seasons. Speaking of comfort, Woolino Toddler Blankets come in merino wool, a silky-soft material known for its ability to regulate body temperature. That means your toddler stays in that not-too-warm, not-too-cold Goldilocks zone all night. Hey, maybe you’ll even get to sleep in tomorrow morning.*

*We wish!

Once of suitable age, you may also find your child sleeps better with a little companion. An oh-so-cute Mary Meyer Baby Putty Blanket or Buddy Blanket can keep them company all night long.

Fleece Toddler Wearable Sleep Sacks



No matter where your toddler’s at in their bedtime development, be sure to savour this magical age — and maybe give them an extra little kiss as they drift off.

For more great sleep products or advice, be sure to head to our Learning Centre. Do you have burning sleep questions about your toddler? We have answers. Need some help with toddler table manners or tantrums? We got you covered! What about potty training? We are here to help!

Happy reading!