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Four Ways to Increase Milk Production


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Breastfeeding is one of the most overwhelming parts of early motherhood. There are huge new demands on your body, often while you’re still in recovery mode. From latch problems to clogged ducts and sleepless nights, it can be…a lot. Even when things go smoothly, most breastfeeding moms worry about milk production at some point.

In Season 2, Episode 1 of our 40 Weeks to Forever podcast, we chatted with pre-and post-natal nutrition expert and author of the Food Doula Cookbook Lindsay Taylor about the importance of proper nutrition during your pregnancy and beyond.

In this article, we’ll take you through four tips we learned to ensure a good supply of milk for your little and a boost for your own health and well-being!


The biggest contributing factors to our breast milk supply are actually total calories and water — not any specific food. So it’s not really about what you eat, but more importantly, how much you’re eating.

One of the best ways to keep your caloric intake up is through healthy snacking. You want things that are quick and easy, and ideally able to eat with one hand — since you don’t always have a lot of opportunities to sit down and eat with a knife and fork. Lots of small meals and snacks throughout the day will give you energy and help with milk production.

Remember, you want to get enough calories and nutrients not only to nurture your little one but to sustain yourself — eating regularly is essential for mental health, for energy to get through the day, for dealing with sleep deprivation, and for catching up on some of the nutrient depletion that happens during pregnancy.

Did you know that it can take years for our bodies to replenish the nutrients we’ve passed on to our little ones in the womb?


It might sound weird, but this little tongue twister doesn’t have to turn a knot in your stomach. Galactagogues are a group of foods, spices, herbs, and pharmaceutical drugs that we believe will help stimulate the hormones involved in lactation. These include things like oats, flax seed, and almonds, as well as specially formulated lactation cookies. Our faves are the Baby Boon Chocolate Chip lactation cookies, or try the Milky Mama sampler pack to see which ones you like best!

Research on galactagogues is mixed, but when you’re deciding what to eat, it’s important to think beyond the potential impact a particular food may have on milk production.

Consider the other benefits that galactagogues can provide. For example, oats are an extremely nutrient-dense food, packed with B vitamins (which help you feel more energised throughout the day), and they're a great source of fibre (which can help with slower digestion and even constipation).


There’s nothing worse than opening up the fridge or cupboards when you’re hankering for a snack, and all you see is ingredients. To help with this all too common problem, try setting aside 10–15 minutes once a week to roll up a batch of energy balls packed with nut butter and seeds, oats and dates. You could also try out this recipe for Chocolate Almond Oat bars, packed with protein and good fats that our bodies really need.

Alongside the sweet stuff, try prepping some savoury snacks as well, not just for a change of flavour, but also to add different nutrients to your diet. There are lots of simple snacks you can make to integrate animal proteins and/or vegetables into your diet, such as egg cups, muffins, or meatballs. These are easy to prep in larger batches so you can freeze some and still have a few on hand in the fridge.

To help add some variety to your freezer stash of sweet and savoury snacks, consider making double (or triple) batches and swapping with friends, family, or a fellow breastfeeding mom.

Having a variety of freezer-safe storage containers is essential — you may not always want to freeze your snacks in large containers, as these can make it difficult to grab only a few snacks at a time. Instead, consider something like the Wean Meister Freezer Pods to help keep your food organized and accessible.


Stork & Dove

Booby Boons Lactation Cookies - Chocolate Chip


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The Food Doula Cookbook



You’ve got this. Both your body and baby know what to do, even if it doesn't always feel that way. Stress can decrease milk production, so the easiest way to ensure the health and happiness of your family is to take a deep breath and relax…then go grab a snack.

For delicious recipes (including lots of healthy snacks), tips and tricks on how to optimize your time with food prep, and more information on postpartum nutrition, be sure to check out Lindsay Taylor’s Food Doula Cookbook.

*This information was taken from our 40 Weeks to Forever - Season 2, Episode 1: Pregnancy + Nutrition 101
Guest: Lindsay Taylor