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HALO BassiNests Comparison

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Rock-a-bye baby!

We know that the first items you will need for baby is a quality car seat to get them home safely from the hospital but what comes next? Once you bring baby home, you’ll need a crib, cradle, or bassinet to start those good sleeping habits early.

Enter the HALO BassiNest!

It’s a given that baby will need a crib for their nursery for use until pre-school [fingers crossed] but in those first few days, weeks, and months a bedside bassinet is ideal and for so many reasons. Health Canada recommends room sharing [aka keeping your babe within arm’s reach] for the first six months of their life, so, a comfortable and quality bassinet is ideal for longevity and convenience*.

Today we are breaking down the HALO GlideEssentia, and Premiere for your shopping convenience. Once you’ve decided on which BassiNest is right for you, simply brush up on your lullabies and you will be all set for sleep time!

Let’s get rockin’
^^ see what we did there?

So, what are the differences between the HALO BassiNest models?

BassiNest Glide Sleeper

  • Retractable side wall 
  • Space saving

The BassiNest is known for its retractable walls and ability to fit nicely right next to your bedside without taking up too much space. Breathable soft mesh walls allow you to see baby at eye level during naps [for both of you] and nighttime. Already sold? Us too.

During those early recovery days, you will appreciate the ability to tend to your baby without having to get out of bed as you can easily scoop babe in and out of the BassiNest with ease. As you may or may not know, it’s hard to move during c-section recovery and your partner will thank you for not rocking the boat while they get some shuteye until their next shift.

The HALO Glide sleeper got its name from the gliding discs on its C-shaped legs that allow you to move it in and out on any floor surface [including carpet] to bring baby to you for a close, safe sleep. The Glide sleeper can be customized to fit your space by adjusting the height from 24" to 34" depending on the height of your bed. It includes a fitted sheet, waterproof mattress, and a storage pocket to keep things like baby’s soother and diapers close by.

The difference between this model and the BassiNest Swivel sleepers is simply that this model does not swivel in and out. It stays in one position only.

The Glide sleeper may be considered the “base” BassiNest model, but we know you’ll agree that these convenient features mentioned above still scream premium!

Keep in mind that all HALO BassiNest models can be used for babies up to 20lbs. and should be discontinued when your little one shows signs of pulling up, rolling over, pushing up to kneeling position.

Safety first, always!

BassiNest Swivel Sleeper Essentia Series

  • Retractable side wall 
  • Space saving 
  • 360° swivel 

Second in the BassiNest line-up is the Essentia. Just like the Glide sleeper, the Essentia series is equipped with a convenient retractable mesh side wall found on all HALO BassiNest models but offers a convenient 360° swivel movement for easier in-and-out access.

Need to use the bathroom in the night? Swivel out.
Need to move baby closer for a cuddle or a feed? Swivel in.

The adjustable base of the Essentia is a stable X shape and the low-profile legs fit easily under most beds for a streamlined look. The Essentia can be customized in height to keep baby at eye-level. It also includes a fitted sheet, waterproof mattress, and convenient storage pocket on the outside.

The BassiNest Glide and the Essentia Series BassiNests do NOT include the “soothing centre”, which will be discussed in more detail below!

  • Base: 45.16" x 45.16" 
  • Legs: 21.44" each {43" total} 
  • Overall height: 37" {at lowest point} 
  • Bed: 33.5" x 22" 
  • Weight: 32.6 lbs

BassiNests Swivel Sleeper Premiere Series

  • Retractable side wall 
  • Space saving 
  • 360° swivel 
  • Soothing centre 

Next up is the techy Premiere Series. Take the convenience, breathability, and 360°-swivel found in the Essentia plus the addition of a soothing centre that boasts 3 relaxing sounds, 3 lullabies, and 2 levels of vibration. The Premiere also includes 2 soft amber nightlight options – one that points to the floor so you’ve got enough light to see but not enough to wake up baby or your sleeping partner [genius!]

 There are 5 buttons located on the side of the Premiere that allow you to easily control the sounds, vibration, and volume.

Also, slow clap for whoever designed the built in 30-minute auto shutoff on all functions so that everyone in the room can drift off peacefully.

To note: The Soothing Centre requires 3 AA batteries that are not included in your purchase.

Like its counterparts, the Premiere includes a fitted sheet, waterproof mattress, and not one but TWO convenient storage pockets.

  • Base: 45.16" x 45.16" 
  • Legs: 21.44" each {43" total}
  • Overall height: 37" {at lowest point} 
  • Bed: 33.5" x 22" 
  • Weight: 37.5 lbs

*Luxe + Luxe Plus

No longer available in Canada - Only available in the USA. We do not recommend purchasing American products and bringing them across the border because sleep standards differ by country.

Why the BassiNest?

Labour and delivery are unpredictable so whether you have an uncomplicated home birth or an emergency c-section every new mama will appreciate that a HALO BassiNest allows you to easily tend to your newborn for those middle of the night feedings—and there will be many—with the retractable side wall [it feels springy to easily push down with your forearms and lift baby over to you]. YES, you can lock the wall in the upright position if required aka if you’ve got a handsy toddler at home who doesn’t understand boundaries and wants to tickle their sibling 24/7.

With each BassiNest you can add on accessories like additional storage, second [third and fourth] crib sheets, and a newborn insert. Regardless of which HALO BassiNest you choose you’ll have peace of mind knowing that it is sleep safe for baby and easy for you!

The Newborn insert comes highly recommended for that “fourth trimester”. Your baby is used to being cozied up in a belly and newborns are generally comforted when they feel that same way earth-side. Snuggle Me Organics are NOT recommended for overnight sleep and we do NOT recommend putting this lounger inside your BassiNest to achieve that cozy feel - we see this too often on social media. Instead, opt for a Newborn Insert that is sleep-rated and tested for safe overnight sleep.

The Lounger Lowdown

Looking for something more multipurpose or a safe spot to put baby when they just need a place to hang out and babble? If that is the case, you may want to consider a lounger. A lounger is a safe space to put baby throughout the day for supervised lounging. We love the Snuggle Me Organic Lounger for its pretty pastel colours and the ability to move it ANYWHERE in your home. Its hammock-like side walls provide comfort for newborns who want to stay cuddly when your arms need a break! Another route you may choose is portable playard.

Many playards [which you will use down the road anyways] now come with lounger or changer attachments. Some are sleep-rated for overnight sleep, while others aren’t. Pay attention to this if you’re opting for a playard INSTEAD of a bedside bassinet. We like the 4Moms Breeze Plus playard for a quick and easy set-up. These are all great lounger options for daytime hangouts in a common space in your home, this option allows you to keep your BassiNest at your bedside where it belongs.

Looking for playards that are rated for overnight sleep? Check out these ones:

  • Nuna SENA & SENA AIRE – Only sleep-rated when using the bassinet level up to 15 lbs – not in playard mode 
  • 4Moms Breeze Plus – Only sleep-rated when using the bassinet attachment up to 18 lbs – not in playard mode 
  • Bugaboo Stardust - Only sleep-rated when using the bassinet attachment up to 19.8 lbs – not in playard mode

For more on what playards are sleep-rated, check out this article where we lay it all out for you. We've also reviewed our Top Playards because they're such a great place for baby to play!


SENA Playard


Breeze PLUS Playard



Breeze PLUS Playard

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SENA Aire Playard


Good Night!

We hope you found this article informative and helpful on your search to helping you and your precious babe get a good night's sleep.

*You can read more about Health Canada's recommendations for safe sleep HERE.

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