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Top Baby Carriers of 2023


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Ahh, baby wearing – there is nothing like those first few moments of skin-to-skin contact with baby.

Your little one's desire and need for closeness continue long after they first meet you. They love the warmth and safety of being in the womb, and baby wearing gives them similar security.

With summer on the way, we wanted to round up a few of our favourite breathable baby carriers. Some are mainstream and others have just hit the market so read on to decide which one is best for you.


The “Hangover” baby made the outward front carry famous [for Dad’s] but there are many other positions that can be used and all of them are based on the age and stage of your little one.

There are 3 basic carry positions...
  1. Front carry – Inward
  2. Front carry – Outward
  3. Back carry
A few of the carriers we have noted below offer extra options like the hip carry that allows you to use your carrier for breastfeeding. As far as features, all the carriers we have highlighted below have built in infant inserts for convenience which means you can use them from birth with no additional purchase or attachment required. Remember to always fasten the waistband of your carrier on top of your hips (think high waisted jeans) to ensure baby is up nice and high and in a kissable position.

Ready? Let’s go!


Introducing the Omni360 Cool Air Mesh Carrier from ERGOBaby.

This is the newest carrier from ERGObaby and it is full-featured, and easy to use. To start, simply clip the carrier around your waist and adjust as necessary to get the proper fit. This carrier has comfortable shoulder straps and lower back lumbar support so your little one won't “break your mother’s back” [if you know what we mean].

This plus breathability for you and baby makes it a top contender. The mesh allows for ventilation that keeps both you and baby cool – even when hiking on warm days.

Taking on the sun? It also has a UPF 50+ hood that can zip out to protect baby from the elements. It has a foolproof colour-coded guide inside of the carrier that allows you to gradually adjust with Velcro to ensure your little one stays in an ergonomic seating position no matter their size. They have also revamped this carrier with a slider adjustment that allows for you to quickly switch baby to face in or out – no buttons to fiddle with.

It’s important to note that the ERGObaby 360 Cool Air Mesh carrier also has one of the highest weight limit of all the carriers we are reviewing today!
To learn more about ERGObaby's line of carriers, check out our round-up, here.


The CUDL Carrier by Nuna is off the charts easy to use.

It has a Velcro waistband and strong magnetic clips that allow you to feel in control when popping baby inside. The entire carrier is made of organic cotton and soft padded mesh for breathability to keep those sweaty babes cool. The CUDL also has a built-in infant booster seat that you can easily unzip once your little one reaches 15LBS.

Bonus with the CUDL carrier is that Nuna has included all of the accessories you may need like x2 cotton bibs and x2 harness covers so that your baby can drool and slobber until their heart is content. These accessories easily Velcro on and off to protect your carrier.

We’ve reviewed the CUDL carrier extensively so you can read our full CUDL Product Review!


The One Air Carrier from BabyBjörn is their premium carrier model.

Some carriers in the carrier line-up are meant to only work facing in or facing out – but the One Air series does allow for added versatility with the back carry option. The One Air is made of the soft and airy mesh where the vs. the soft cotton blend of the original Air. At first, you are drawn to the modern neutral colour palate. Like the other carriers we’ve spoken about – it also has built-in support for newborn and adjustable head support.

To use this carrier, you pop it over your head like a t-shirt and secure baby using magnetic buckles. It also has adjustable zippers that allow you to customize the seat and leg area.

As babe gets older – you can open or close the zippers allowing for a wider seat. We love that versatile functionality.

The Carrier Mini is another popular baby carrier from BabyBjörn. Soft and flexible, this front-carry baby holder is designed to provide optimal support for your baby's head, neck, spine, and hips. One of the standout features of the Carrier Mini is that it comes in multiple fabrics, moisture-wicking 3D mesh, smooth and soft 3D jersey, and comfortable satin-woven cotton.

For a more in-depth look at BabyBjörn’s range of carriers, check out this Baby Carrier Round-Up Review.


We love a good wrap!

Moby Wrap makes the ever-versatile Classic Baby Wrap in over 15 colours, giving parents a stylish and comfortable way to carry their baby. Made from soft and breathable natural cotton, this wrap can fit caretakers of all shapes and sizes and can be used from birth up to 35 pounds.

In addition to the wrap being long and stretchy, it’s also shockingly supportive — this helps distribute your baby's weight evenly across your back and shoulders to reduce aches and pains in your body. Another benefit of the Moby Classic Baby Wrap is its versatility. These classic wraps can carry your baby in a variety of positions, including inward, front, and hip-carrying. Comfortable to wear, this one-size-fits-all wrap encourages parent/child bonding as your baby grows and develops.


If you’re in search of a baby carrier that won't leave you feeling like a sweaty mess, then look no further than the ERGObaby Omni Breeze Baby Carrier.

Decked out in SoftFlex mesh fabric, it’s a lifesaver for busy parents who tend to feel hot and sticky while carrying their little one!

But it's not just the fabric that's impressive. This carrier is loaded with features to make life with baby so much easier. The adjustable straps ensure a perfect fit for both parties, while the multiple carrying positions mean you can switch things up whenever you want.

Suitable for newborns to toddlers (up to 45 lbs.), it has padded lumbar support for sore backs, a hood for privacy and sun protection, and a built-in storage pouch for keeping your essentials (hello, phone and keys!) within easy reach.

Versatile and stylish, with the Omni Breeze, you'll feel like a cool breeze is blowing through the carrier — even on the hottest of days!


Available in 7 eye-catching colours, the Lillebaby All Seasons Carrier accommodates infants and toddlers from 7 to 45 pounds. One of the standout features of this carrier is its adjustable seat, which can be adapted to fit newborns without the need for a separate infant insert.

The carrier can be worn in six different positions, including front inward-facing, front outward-facing, hip, and back carry — this makes it a great option for parents who want a carrier that can grow with their child. Another notable feature of the Lillebaby All Seasons Carrier is the breathable mesh panel to optimize airflow and temperature regulation in warmer weather.

For cooler temperatures, the panel can be zipped up to provide extra warmth and protection. Additionally, the carrier has lumbar support and padded shoulder straps to help distribute the weight of baby evenly and reduce strain on the wearer's back and shoulders.

The All Seasons Carrier is a great investment for parents looking for a versatile, comfortable, and practical baby carrier for a variety of situations and weather conditions.


The Embrace Carrier is made of a soft and stretchy fabric that hugs your baby close for maximum comfort. It's also easy to use, and with no complicated buckles or straps to mess with, you can get your little one settled in no time.

But don't let the simplicity fool you — ERGObaby includes plenty of convenient features in this carrier. The adjustable waistband and crossable shoulder straps provide a custom fit for parents of all shapes and sizes, while the cozy headrest keeps your baby's snuggly head safely supported.

When it comes to versatility, the Embrace has got you covered too. It's suitable for babies between 7 and 25 pounds and can be worn in multiple positions, including newborn, hip, and front-facing. As a bonus, the Embrace can also be rolled up and stuffed in a diaper bag to take with you on the go!


 The Beluga Baby Wrap is Snuggle Mama approved and the bamboo material makes it breathable just like the others.

Now, it's not just our staff members who love this wrap - Beluga Baby has also been getting attention from some of your favourite IG Mama’s accounts. We love the breathable bamboo fabric and the Canadian story behind the brand. Plus, there is no cuter-looking wrap out there from stripes to trendy tie-dye – you name it they’ve made it.


If you are drawn to the idea of a wrap over a carrier you can learn more about baby wearing in our Wraps and Ring Slings article here. You'll need to watch a tutorial video or two to get the hang of things – but once you get the hang of things you will no doubt love baby wearing!