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Multi-Functional Products That Grow with Your Child

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One of the most frustrating aspects of parenting is just how quickly your little one grows up. One moment you are rocking them in your arms, the next, they are teenagers, mocking your wardrobe choices and calling the 2000’s the “olden days.”

Okay, so you may have a couple of years before that happens, but we all know the feeling of just buying something only to realize your child has physically outgrown it seemingly overnight! You shelled out big bucks for the latest and greatest baby gear, only to discover that it’s pretty much useless after a few months.

With today’s current economy, most parents are looking for the best overall value — something that is functional, durable, and won’t break the bank.

Well, there is a solution — grow-with-me products! Grow-with-me baby products are designed to grow with your child through the early stages of childhood.

There are two benefits:

  1. They save you money. Your child won’t outgrow them quickly and you won’t have to replace them (just as quickly!). 

  2. They save space in your home. 

Grow-with-me products are one of the smartest investments you can make for your child and growing family. We decided to round up our most popular grow-with-me items that will help keep more money in your bank account and less headache in your home.

High Chair

high chair gives baby a safe place to sit upright while eating and is used until your baby can sit up consistently without falling over. Children as young as 9–12 months can fall into this category, but most parents keep their children in their high chair until they are between 18 months to two years old — when toddlers graduate to a booster seat before going on to sit in a regular chair.

However, there are high chairs that eliminate the need to buy multiple products. The EON 4-in-1 Multi Stage High -Chair grows with baby in 4 stages — high chair, dining booster, tableside booster, and toddler chair. This chair allows you to transition your little one seamlessly when they are ready (or back again, if you realize you put the cart before the horse).

The Stokke Tripp Trapp is another excellent option for parents looking for a one-then-done chair. To learn more about how this chair can grow with your little one, be sure to read our full review.


playard is essentially a playpen that comes with a mattress. It’s a great product for giving your child a safe place to play while giving you some much-needed hands-free time.

One of our favourites is the Slumber Playard & Travel Crib from Silver Cross. It starts as a bassinet, morphs into a toddler crib, and then turns into a playard! If that wasn’t enough, you can pack it up using the included travel bag and take it wherever you go! Check out our review.

Other playards, like the UPPAbaby REMI, can also become a changing station saving even more space in your home. Read more HERE.

Slumber Playard & Travel Crib


Silver Cross

Slumber Playard & Travel Crib

From Sale Price: $344.00

All-in-one Car Seat 

Babies usually take their first ride home from the hospital in an infant car seat. As time goes by, they graduate to a convertible car seat (a larger seat to accommodate their growing body).

But with a product like the Britax One4Life ClickTight All-in-One Car Seat, you need only purchase one seat ever! This seat grows with your child up to 120 lbs. and 63” tall, keeping them comfortable and safe from infancy to big kid years.

Read our full Britax One4Life ClickTight All-in-One Car Seat Review here.


Bouncers are a popular product that keeps babies pacified, contained, and relaxed while mom/dad tackles chores or entertains guests. Most children age out of bouncers fairly quickly, but the ERGObaby's 3-in-1 Evolve Bouncer gives parents a multi-year model that can be used by children in the newborn, infant, and toddler stages. The Evolve starts off as a newborn lounger, then becomes a fun infant bouncer, and finally transitions to a functional toddler seat, able to hold kids up to 29 lbs (approx. 3 years old).


Before moving to a crib, many babies spend their first months of life drifting off to slumberland in a bassinet. Some parents use stand-alone bassinets, while others prefer to attach a bedside sleeper to their bed to keep a close eye on their child through the night and allow for easy feedings.

With the Cozy Up 2-in-1 Bedside Sleeper & Bassinet from Skip Hop, you’ll get both options in one convenient product! The bedside sleeper is designed with an easy-access door, while the Cozy Up’s wheels can be used to bring the bassinet to any room of the house.


This 3-in-1 Arm & Hammer Potty Chair from Munchkin can help make the potty-training process a whole lot easier, thanks to its multi-functionality.

Of course, there’s the sit-down potty itself (complete with splash guards!), which can then be used by advanced learners as a trainer seat (the potty’s seat is removable). Once in this stage, they can also use the potty as a step-stool — genius!


Arm & Hammer Multi-Stage 3-in-1 Potty Chair


Skip Hop

Cozy-Up 2-In-1 Bedside Sleeper & Bassinet


Booster Seat

Booster seats have come a long way from the days of propping up children using the telephone book — and this 3-in-1 Multi Booster Seat from Bumbo is proof!

It can be used as a floor seat for children, attached to a regular chair for added height at the table, or as a general booster. Bumbo also designed it with a removable foam pad to give more use as your child grows.

Activity Centre

Activity Centres are designed to keep baby busy! As they have tons of energy, it's important to make sure you choose one that will keep them interested for years to come.

The Skip Hop Silver Lining Cloud Baby’s View 3-Stage Activity Centre (try saying that 3 times fast) is one such item that gives children a place to bounce, interact, and play at during multiple stages of development.

Air Purifier

Clean air is so important — not only for baby, but for everyone in the house! Making sure your little one’s room meets strict air quality regulations goes without saying, and the FridaBaby 3-in-1 Air Purifier is one of the top choices here at Snuggle Bugz, thanks to its versatility. In addition to cleaning the air, it’s also built with a white noise sound machine and a nightlight to help lull little ones to sleep.


Baby’s room may have clean air, but it may also be dry — especially during harsh Canadian winters! Eliminate dry and itchy skin, congestion, and static electricity by running the BreatheFrida 3-in-1 Humidifier in your babe’s nursery. It’s a triple-threat humidifier/diffuser/nightlight that will make their evenings much more comfortable.

Skip Hop

Silver Lining Cloud Baby's View 3-Stage Activity Centre



3-in-1 Air Purifier



BreatheFrida 3-in-1 Humidifier



We know you’re loving all these grow-with-me suggestions, so here are a few more!

  • Over Multi-Use Cover: A multi-purpose cover for using on car seats, while nursing, in shopping carts, or protecting your child from the outdoor elements 

7 A.M Enfant

Pookie Poncho


Work Smart, Not Hard

Raising children hasn’t changed much over time when it comes to things like values and morals. However, what has changed is the cost of goods and the busy life parents today lead. Purchasing multi-functional products that grow with your child is one of the smartest things you can do. It will save you money in the long run, free up space in your home, and give children more years of use on your investment.