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What Playards Are Sleep-Rated

Judith Little | | Comments 0

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Canada has very high standards for what is deemed “sleep-rated”, – so specific they are down to the millimetre. 

This is why you will often have something referred to as a playard or pram in Canada, and a travel crib or bassinet in the US. This means that the item is approved for overnight sleep just across the border, but not here in Canada. It is also important to note that Canada has separate requirements for “playpens” vs. “cribs”, "cradles" and “bassinets”. Cribs, cradles, and bassinets are required to be approved for unsupervised sleep, whereas playpens are not. ALL playards sold in Canada meet strict playpen regulations that have been updated as early as 2018!

You can find out more about the standards that each product has to meet via the following links: 

Canada Consumer Product Safety Act - Playpen Regulations
Canada Consumer Product Safety Act - Cribs, Cradles and Bassinets Regulations


SENA Aire Playard



Breeze PLUS Playard



SENA Playard


Nuna Sena + Sena Aire

Bassinet Mode

Playard Mode

  • Not approved for unsupervised sleep 
  • Meets Canadian playpen regulations 
Quote from Nuna's Canadian website:

"Bassinet: for babies unable to push up onto their hands and knees, up to 15 lbs"

*IMPORTANT: only the bassinet can be used for sleeping/napping, and not the playard

4Moms Breeze Plus & Breeze Go

Bassinet Mode

Playard Mode

  • Not approved for unsupervised sleep
  • Meets Canadian playpen regulations

    Quote from 4Moms’ Canadian website:

    "The bassinet offers a comfortable spot where baby can rest. Use the convenient flip changer for quick diapering and clothing changes. As your baby grows and is on the move, simply take out the bassinet to provide a safe space for relaxing and playing. The Breeze Classic and the Breeze Go playard are intended for playing."

    Bugaboo Stardust

    Bassinet Mode

    • Yes, the Bugaboo Stardust is approved when using bassinet inlay with the accompanying mattress support board

    Playard Mode

    • Not approved
    • Meets Canadian Playpen regulations
    **Please note: the Bugaboo Stardust should only be used for sleep accommodation when using the bassinet inlay with the accompanying mattress support board, and while also complying with the Stardust's Bassinet weight capacity of 19.8 lbs. In play mode, this product is not approved for unsupervised sleep.

    Babybjörn Play Yard Light  

    Bassinet Mode

    Playard Mode

    • No, but referred to as a “travel crib” in the US and is compliant with US sleep standards – when doing your research make sure you are always referring to Canadian websites. 
    • Not approved for unsupervised sleep in Canada. 
    • Meets Canadian playpen regulations.

    Silver Cross Slumber

    Bassinet Mode

    • Yes, the Silver Cross Slumber Playard & Travel Crib is approved for sleep in bassinet mode

    Playard Mode

    • Yes, the Slumber Playard & Travel Crib passed the cribs, cradles, and bassinets regulations as a crib in playpen mode, so it has been approved for unsupervised sleep.
    • Meets Canadian playpen regulations

    *IMPORTANT: The Slumber is one of the only playards in Canada that has been approved for unsupervised sleep in both bassinet and playard mode.

    UPPAbaby REMI

    Bassinet Mode

    Playard Mode

    • While not approved for unsupervised sleep at playard level, the REMI has met and exceeded all Canadian playpen regulations required by the Canadian government, who has given the REMI their seal of approval as a great solution for baby to play, rest, and sleep soundly.

    **Please note: In regards to sleep at playard level, in the end it’s your decision. We understand busy parents are looking for convenient on-the-go sleep solutions for their little ones. So do your research and in the end, go with your gut. You know your child best!

    Breeze GO Playard


    Silver Cross

    Slumber Playard & Travel Crib

    From $430.00

    Nap Time!

    If you choose to use your playard for overnight sleep on vacations, or when away from home [as many people do], remember to always use a properly fitted sheet, place baby to sleep on their back, and have no loose blankets or pillows in the sleep space.

    Trust your parenting instincts – you've got this!

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