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Top Toys for Pretend Play


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Whether it's the holiday season or you are celebrating your little one's birthday, you know what that means…


While special events and milestones are about getting together with family and celebrating, getting a bunch of cool stuff is certainly the icing on the cake.

Watching your sweetie discover their specially chosen gifts is a magical experience, but picking a gift your little one will enjoy long after the big day can be a bit of a challenge.

For this round-up article, we are bringing you our top toys for pretend play. These toys will ignite creativity and imagination in your children, ensuring they have years of fun finding new ways to make-believe.


Toys that mimic household items are a great way to familiarize kids with the items they see every day but can’t actually use yet. Kids love to be just like mom and dad, so these toys allow them to be your mini-me while staying safe.

  • TELEPHONE TOY: This telephone from Janod is as close to a smartphone as babies can get — complete with mirrored screen, dial pad, and a ring tone! 
  • FIX-IT TOOL BOX: For children 3 years and up, this toolbox from Hape comes with a little hammer, screwdriver, and various other items housed in a convenient carrying case. 
  • CLEANING TOOL KIT: If you’re tired of doing chores, put your kid to work with this cleaning set from Viga Toys! It comes with everything they need to help them tidy things up with you.
  • KITCHEN REVERSO: Kids can join mom and dad in the kitchen with this fun set that includes various accessories as well as functional buttons and lights.

Telephone Toy



Fix-It Tool Box


Viga Toys

Cleaning Tool Set



Kitchen Reverso



Children can learn all about different cuisines by using these fun food group items:

  • EGG CARTON: This six-pack carton of eggs not only encourages and teaches healthy eating habits, but it helps kids get used to the idea of eating them for breakfast. 
  • PASTA MIX: Learning about Italian food has never been easier than with this pasta mix set which includes 58 different accessories — from ravioli and basil to sliced button mushrooms and butterfly pasta! Wooden 
  • VEGETABLES PLAYSET: You can never start kids too early on the healthy food path, and this vegetable playset from Coco Village does just that with various fresh products they can enjoy. 
  • ZOO LITTLE CHEF MEAL KIT: With included meal cards, Zoo character plates, and 19 meal prep ingredients, Skip Hop offers a complete kit for kids to learn how to make different quick meals.


Egg Carton



Pasta Mix


Coco Village

Wooden Vegetables Playset


Skip Hop

Zoo Little Chef Meal Kit



If your kid has a sweet tooth, they’ll never want to put these dessert toys down!

  • PASTRY WORKSHOP: Budding bakers can make biscuits from start to finish using eggs, flour, sugar, a whisk, a rolling pin, dough, and an assortment of cutters. 
  • WAFFLE-Y FUN SET: Breakfast has never tasted so sweet! This set comes with a waffle iron, banana and strawberry fruit slices, and a waffle with a monkey face that appears when you pour the syrup (water) on it.
  • POLAR B MINI ICE CREAM SHOP: Kids can enjoy a cool treat with this ice cream shop. It comes with ice cream cones, ice lollies, lollipops, and utensils that they can dole out to their siblings or friends. 
  • POLAR B CAKE SET: These gourmet cakes from Viga Toys are perfect for pretend tea parties, plus they will get your kiddo familiar with pretty pastries for when they visit the local patisserie!

My Pastry Workshop


Waffle-y Fun Set


25% off

Skip Hop

Waffle-y Fun Set

Sale Price: $14.24

Regular Price: $18.99

Viga Toys

Polar B Mini Ice Cream Shop


Viga Toys

Polar B Cake Set



It’s never too early to dream about what you want to be when you grow up. Get their creative juices flowing with these fun career-themed toys:

CASH REGISTER: This register is a classic from Fisher Price, and is both entertaining and interactive for children to learn all about the exchange of money for goods.

SHUTTEBUG CAMERA: Maybe your child will grow up to be the next Ansel Adams! They can start practicing with this wooden, multi-lens toy camera from Begin Again.

DOCTOR'S SUITCASE: Playing doctor is something all children do, and they can have lots of fun with this suitcase that includes a stethoscope, reflex hammer, and thermometer (among many other items).

DENTIST SET: There’s always an uptick in children who are interested in dentistry after watching Hermey the Misfit Elf in the Christmas special “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer”. Now they can learn all about molars, bicuspids, and the wonderful world of teeth!

Fisher Price

Cash Register


Shutterbug Camera


Begin Again

Shutterbug Camera

Sale Price: $10.88

Regular Price: $14.99


Doctor's Suitcase



Dentist Set



Kids love to role-play when playing make-believe. Pick up some of these items to keep your little one entertained for hours.

  • MAKEUP TOY SET: Everything needed to look fabulous is included in this set from Plan Toys. Children can pretend they’re a salon owner and give makeovers to their friends, dolls, and even parents!
  • LITTLE MISS VANITY SET: There's nothing wrong with wanting to look your best, and kids can do just that with this vanity set that includes nine wooden accessories to experiment with. 
  • PICNIC SET: It’s always a glorious day for a picnic with this fun product from Hape! It comes with a cloth basket, picnic blanket, and various foods and beverages.
  • SOPHIE ACTIVI' TENT: This tent is great for babies who are just developing their sense of wonder and can eventually use it for pretending it’s a teepee or playing hide-and-seek.
Plan Toys

Makeup Toy Set



Little Miss Vanity Set



Picnic Set



Sophie Activi' Tent



Kids get endless amounts of joy from playing with toys and using their imagination. From everyday household items, to foods and playsets, there’s no shortage of potential gifts they’ll be delighted by. By using our gift guide, you won’t be stuck for an excellent idea for the little one in your life.

You can browse our full list of Pretend Play products here.