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6 Must-Have Daycare Essentials

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Back to daycare.
Back to preschool.
Back to school!

Whatever the age or stage of your little, we've got you covered with all the necessities to make that very first day a breeze!

Not quite sure what you’ll need to bring along with you?
Read on!

Whether you are preparing for that very first day OR if your little one has been attending “school" all summer long —we are your one-stop-destination for all the daycare essentials you’ll need and we’ve got the tips and tricks to help you navigate this new adventure. You CAN do this!

Diapers, Wipes, + Creams

It seems obvious but you can NEVER have enough diapers, wipes, and diaper cream on hand. You will be asked to bring in more of each of these essentials as they get used up which means you’ll now need to have a stash at home, a stash at school, and a stash in your diaper bag!

Is your little already potty trained? Good for you mama! Skip ahead to #3.

TIP: Keep a mini package of wipes in your purse, in the car, or in baby’s bag for those unexpected runny noses, yogurt faces, or jam fingers when you are rushing out the door.






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If your child is used to having a pacifier with them for nap times at home, then you'll want to designate a stash of one [OR TWO] to keep at daycare permanently.
Every daycare is different, but as your child gets older and graduates to a toddler class—they may not be able to bring their special soother with them.

TIP: To avoid a meltdown, consider implementing another special comfort from home like a stuffie or a lovie – which brings us to our next suggestion.


It’s always nice to send your little to school with a few special items to make them feel comfortable at their new home away from home.

We recommend sending along a blanket or special stuffie for nap time to make the transition a little bit easier on both of you. There are so many adorable designs available from dinosaur quilts, to water colour flowers, llamas, and rainbows.

TIP: Consider keeping a few blankets on rotation that you can bring home at the end of the week for a quick wash.


Bamboo Quilt



Bamboo Quilt

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Let's talk sippy-cups.

You officially got a big kid on your hands—when did this happen? Your daycare provider may ask you to provide a specific kind of cup for your little one to use while at school. Generally, something with a lid attached to it works best.

We’ve got it all – bright colours, fun animal designs, or just plain Jane!


5 oz. La Petite Mini Silicone Baby Cup



Most daycare centres ask that parents apply sunscreen to their children BEFORE dropping them off for the day–don’t worry, they’ll re-apply in the afternoon. We have a wide variety of organic sunscreens to choose from including super convenient face sticks that make application quick and painless for both of you.

Here in Canada the weather can change from morning to afternoon. A cool Fall morning may require boots and warm mittens in the mornings and sun hats and sunscreen by the afternoon. Save yourself the hassle and stock up on seasonal items NOW to save yourself stressing on that first cool morning—or [dare we say it] the first snowfall!

TIP: Looking for something to fit on those little baby feet? Stonz Booties are a great solution for little ones in an infant program who are not yet walking but are crawling around and exploring outdoors. The elastic adjustable toggles ensure a perfect fit even on teeny-tiny feet.


Bucket Hat


Sun Bum

Baby Bum SPF 50 Stick - Fragrance Free




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Nothing says back-to-school quite like a new backpack!

You’ll need something to put it all of babe's gear in and these adorable options are perfectly proportioned for little bodies.


Toddler Backpack


Additional Tips

  • Stock up on essentials so that you can spend more time focused on your new routine and less time stressing about restocking your daycare with necessities. Less stress = more sanity. 
  • Label ALL your little one's things with their first and last name or you may never see them again! 
  • Consider sending along a family photo for the first day. It’s an easy way to help your daycare provider get to know your family PLUS your little one will enjoy getting to point at their family throughout the day. 
    Pop in-store or get busy filling up your cart with all of  our suggestions above. Then sit back, relax, and get ready to receive some adorable finger paintings from your energetic toddler after their first successful day at school.

Happy Shopping!