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Mom holding smiling baby after using Borion to aid teething pains


Soothe your baby's teething symptoms & digestion discomfort with homeopathic medicine.

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When it comes to soothing teething symptoms, Boiron has you covered with Camilia. This homeopathic medicine provides safe and effective relief for your little one's teething discomfort, without the use of numbing gels or artificial ingredients. Camilia is specifically formulated to address common teething symptoms such as irritability, gum sensitivity, and minor digestive issues. Each single-dose vial contains a precise blend of natural active ingredients that work harmoniously to alleviate your baby's discomfort and restore their happy smiles. Administering Camilia to your teething baby is a stress-free experience that brings relief and comfort with the pre-measured, sterile vials. Say goodbye to teething woes and hello to happier moments with Boiron's Camilia! Shop Boiron in Canada with free shipping over $99*!