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Mother holding baby while putting in a bottle full of milk in a Baby Brezza bottle warmer

Bottle Warmers

Safely & quickly heat breast milk & formula to the perfect temperature without overheating.

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One of the challenges of feeding a baby is making sure that their milk is at the right temperature. Too cold and they might reject it, too hot and they might burn their mouth. That’s why a bottle warmer is a handy device for parents who want to heat breast milk and formula safely and quickly. Bottle warmers by BEABA, Baby Breeza, Munchkin and Avent are designed to fit most bottle types and sizes and have features that make warming milk easy and convenient. You can choose from different warming modes and set the desired temperature with a simple dial or button. The bottle warmers will heat the milk within 5 minutes or less and alert you when it’s ready. They also have automatic shut-off functions to prevent overheating and preserve the nutrients in the milk. Shop bottle warmers in Canada and effectively warm milk with free shipping on orders over $49*!