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Britax Willow Infant Car Seat Breakdown

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Choosing the right infant car seat for your family is one of the most important decisions parents-to-be will make. Not only do you have to consider the different safety features, but you’ll want to factor in your baby’s comfort and your convenience too. Thankfully, Britax's Willow line delivers on all fronts with a range of innovative infant car seats. 

Whether you opt for the basic model that gets the job done or prefer a premium seat with luxury upgrades, Britax ensures your baby travels cozily and securely every time!  

Join us as we break down Britax’s Willow Infant Car Seats to help you make a confident choice for your family and your little one. 

Willow S Infant Car Seat 


  • Suitable for children from 4 to 30 lbs or 32” in height 
  • Product Weight (Car Seat Only): 8.69 lbs. 
  • Product Weight (Base Only): 9 lbs. 
  • Dimensions: 28” L x 17.5” W x 24.11” H

Available in three colour options (Graphite Onyx, Glacier Onyx, Jade Onyx) the Willow S Infant Car Seat is an exceptional seat that prioritizes both safety and comfort for your little one. With accommodation for children from 4 to 30 lbs. (or up to 32" in height), this car seat has everything covered during those crucial early months. 

With safety being vital, the Willow S delivers with its rear-facing design and Britax's proprietary SafeCell Technology. This innovative feature forms a crumple zone that absorbs intense crash energy, shielding your baby from the force of an impact. Further safeguards include the ReboundReduce Stability Bar to minimize seat movement during a collision, and the ReboundReduce Carry Handle which adds an extra layer of protection. 

The Willow S is equally focused on keeping your infant cozy and content on those long rides. Britax’s RightSize system allows you to customize the fit of your child at the hips, shoulders, and between the legs for that oh-so-perfect fit! Plush harness padding, infant insert pillows, and a UPF 50+ canopy with sun visor enhance comfort and shield your baby from harsh UV rays. 

With four adjustable harness positions, four recline settings, and four head pad settings, the Willow S grows with your child. Convenience features like the ClickTight installation system, European belt guide (for installing without the base), and machine-washable fabrics make this seat a dream for busy parents. Plus, its SlimFit design maximizes backseat space while leaving ample room for your little passenger!  

For an in-depth look at this seat, check out our full Willow S Infant Car Seat Review. 
Of note, for parents with multiple vehicles, an additional base for the Willow S can be purchased separately (it also works with their Willow model)

Willow SC Infant Car Seat 


  • Suitable for children from 4 to 30 lbs or 32” in height 
  • Product Weight (Car Seat Only): 8.69 lbs. 
  • Product Weight (Base Only): 9 lbs. 
  • Dimensions: 28” L x 17.5” W x 24.11” H 

The Willow SC Infant Car Seat takes the already impressive features of the Willow S and elevates them for a touch of luxury. 

In addition to boasting the features we love in the S; this premium model adds a lightweight aluminum one-hand adjustable carry handle for easier multitasking. Britax also gives parents a choice between two sophisticated and classy colour options: Pindot Onyx or Pindot Stone. 

A magnetic peekaboo window allows you to keep an eye on your sleeping babe without disturbing them. The Willow SC is also outfitted with StayClean fabrics that resist stains, moisture, and odours, ensuring it looks fresh and bright despite spills and mishaps! 

With the same stellar safety ratings and accommodations as its predecessor, the Willow SC gives you deluxe amenities without compromising on protection. 


Willow SC Infant Car Seat with Alpine Base



Alpine Car Seat Base ClickTight



Britax Travel Systems 

A travel system takes the guesswork out of choosing coordinated gear for your baby by bundling an infant car seat, stroller, and car seat base into one convenient package. Britax offers three different Willow travel system options to fit a range of budgets and needs. 

Of note, each stroller below is virtually identical in terms of dimensions and weight and has a child capacity of 50 lbs. or up to 44” in height for their toddler seat. 

Willow Brook Travel System:  

A combination of the Brook Stroller, the Willow Infant Car Seat, and the Aspen base, the Willow Brook Travel System is Britax’s entry-level travel system offering. While streamlined, it still provides excellent safety and convenience features. 

The Brook Stroller shines with a 1-Step, Compact Fold for swift closure, an ultra-lightweight frame, a generously sized cargo basket, and a reclining toddler seat. Reversible infant and toddler seats let you choose between parent-facing or forward-facing rides. 

The included Willow car seat prioritizes protection with a rear-facing design but forgoes some extras like an anti-rebound bar, one-hand adjustable carry handle, sunshade visor, and peekaboo window. 

For an in-depth look, you can read our full Willow Brook Travel System Review article. 


Willow Brook S+ Travel System: 

A combination of the Brook+ Modular Stroller, the feature-rich Willow S Infant Car Seat, and the Alpine base, the Willow Brook S+ Travel System is Britax’s mid-level offering. 

The Brook+ Stroller adds a water-resistant, UPF 50+ canopy with a flip-down sun visor and peek-a-boo window. A SafeWash removable seat insert protects fabrics while making cleanup a breeze! 

Offering the full suite of safety technologies and comfort customization (as mentioned earlier), the Willow S seat provides top-tier security and coziness for your little one. 


Willow Grove SC: 

For discerning parents, the premium Willow Grove SC Travel System brings together the sophisticated Grove Modular Stroller, the upgraded Willow SC Infant Car Seat, and the Alpine base.  

The Grove boasts all-wheel suspension, tough no-flat tires, and a one-hand fold. A bumper bar and extra-large storage basket amp up the convenience. The water-resistant UPF 50+ canopy has both a sun visor and peek-a-boo window. 

The luxurious Willow SC adds an aluminum carry handle, StayClean fabrics, and a magnetic peekaboo window for some impressive amenities. A machine-washable CozyFit insert allows your infant to relax in the toddler seat until they grow into it. 

While lacking a snack tray, this system leaves little to be desired in style, safety, and modern parenting practicality.


Willow Brook S+ Travel System



Willow Brook Travel System



Aspen Infant Car Seat Base




Additionally, Britax offers a range of accessories for the best travel system experience — no matter which system you choose! 


Britax Bumper Bar for Brook, Brook+ and Grove Strollers



Parent Tray



Stroller Organizer



Stroller Board for Brook, Brook+ and Grove Strollers



Wonderful Willows 

The Willow Infant Car Seats by Britax provide top-notch safety and comfort for those precious early months. The Willow S delivers Britax's signature safety technology and a host of customizable comfort features, while the upgraded Willow SC adds luxuries for a premium look and feel. With both seats accommodating babies up to 30 lbs., you can trust that your little one will feel cozy and secure on every ride! For a chart breaking down the difference between these seats, click here.