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Clek Liing vs. UPPAbaby Mesa V2 Infant Seats

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Today we’re putting 2 of the most elite infant car seats on the market side by side so that you can confidently make the decision that is best for your family! Let’s deep dive in on the UPPAbaby Mesa V2 and the Clek Liing!

Are you ready? Let's get into it!

Key Car Seat Features

No Re-thread Harness:

Anti-Rebound Bar or Load Leg:

  • Clek Liing – Yes! The Clek Liing base is equipped with a load leg which reduces rotation and crash forces in case of a collision
  • UPPAbaby Mesa  V2– Handle must be moved forward when in vehicle and acts as an anti-rebound device

Latch Type:

  • Clek Liing – Rigid latches that retract for contact with vehicle seat back [note: some rigid latches do not tighten]
  • UPPAbaby Mesa V2 – Self-retracting UAS 


  •  Clek Liing – 100+ UPF extendable canopy 
  • UPPAbaby Mesa V2 – UPF 25+ canopy

Load Leg Demo

The Specs:

Weight + Height Limits:

  • Clek Liing & UPPAbaby Mesa V2  – Both 4-35 lbs or up to 32” or when the head is within 1" of the top of the car seat. 
  • If Clek Liing is being used with the load leg in the vehicle, you can use the seat until baby’s head is right to the top of the shell. 
    • Your child has outgrown their seat when they have hit any one of these limits!

Car Seat Weight:

  • Clek Liing – 9 lbs
  • UPPAbaby Mesa V2 – 9.9 lbs 

Expiration Date:

  • Clek Liing – 9 years from the date of manufacture
  • UPPAbaby Mesa V2 – 7 years from the date of manufacture

All About That Base

Can Be Be Installed Without the Base:

Width Of Car Seat On Base:

  • Clek Liing – 16.5”
  • UPPAbaby Mesa – 17” 

The Fabrics

Included Infant Inserts:

  • Clek Liing – Yes, use from 4-11+ lbs to achieve a proper fit with newborns
  • UPPAbaby Mesa V2 – Yes, use from 4-11 lbs to achieve a proper fit with small infants

Fabric Options:

Clek Liing – Merino Wool options on Mammoth & Twilight fashions 100% Ethically Sourced

  • Free of ALL Added Flame Retardants
  • Made with Natural Materials 
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Best for Breathability & Temperature Regulation

UPPAbaby Mesa V2 – The merino wool fabric is free from toxic flame retardant chemicals (which have been linked to a myriad of health issues) 
  • The wicking properties of Merino wool keep babies cool on hot days and warm on cool days

Removable & Washable Fabrics:

  • Clek Liing – Yes 
  • UPPAbaby Mesa V2 - Yes

If any of these terms have your head spinning, make sure you review this car seat terms glossary that we created to help you out with that!

Clek Liing

  • Rigid latches tighten firmly to vehicle seat back for a secure installation  
  • Red/Green indicators confirm a proper install, recline and connection of bucket to base
  • UPF 100+ canopy extends to provide full coverage of baby for resting on the go  
  • Compatible with multiple stroller brands to create a convenient travel system
  • 7 position adjustable angle can be adjusted once base is already installed in your vehicle, which removes the need to install/uninstall multiple times to achieve correct recline
  • Metal load leg included on base reduces rotation in case of a collision  
  • Added layer of Side Impact Protection surrounds baby’s head
  • 9 year car seat expiration date
  • Made in Canada


  • Not a no re-thread harness
  • Adapters must always be purchased separately to use with a stroller as a travel system  


The Pros:

  • Uses a self-retracting latch system to get a tight install against the vehicle seat back   
  • Red/green indicators in multiple spots on base to confirm proper install and angle
  • European routing to provide a secure carrier-only installation
  • No re-thread harness is easy to make adjustments on the fly   
  • Added layer of Side Impact Protection surrounds baby’s head
  • One crotch buckle position to eliminate misuse instead of guesswork when adjusting
  • Base has height adjustments built in to fit on vehicle seats with a seat with a deeper slope & the use of pool noodles or rolled-up towels is allowed when need be [*refer to the manual for more details]

The Cons:

  • Must put the handle forward to act as an anti-rebound device every time you get in the vehicle which can be inconvenient  

Final Thoughts

No matter which infant car seat you pick, your little one will have a safe and comfortable ride on all their adventures. To learn more about the Clek Ling, be sure to read our full review, here. You can also learn all about the Mesa V2, here. 

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Happy Reading!