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UPPAbaby Mesa vs. Mesa V2 Infant Car Seat

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It’s a battle of the UPPAbaby car seats!

The UPPAbaby Mesa was one of our most popular infants, but the new and improved UPPAbaby Mesa V2 Infant Car Seat quickly became the one-to-beat.

The Mesa gained popularity due to its fashionable look, luxurious comfort, high-end safety features, and surprising affordability. It’s also a lightweight car seat at just under 10 lbs. — making it easy to transport your little boo-boo wherever you go!

For those wondering what the difference is between these two car seats, you've come to the right place.

Keep reading to find out!

Video Comparison

Sizing & Restrictions

  • Dimensions (On Base): 17″ W x 28″ L x 25″ H
  • Carrier Weight: 9.9 lbs.
  • Base Weight: 9 lbs.
  • Child Weight/Height Limit: 4 to 35 lbs. or up to 32”

Both the Mesa and its successor are identical in their physical size as well as their passenger height and weight restrictions. With parents already raving about the Mesa, there was no real need for UPPAbaby to reinvent the wheel when it came to the size and design of the V2.


There are not too many differences when it comes to installing the Mesa vs. the Mesa V2 either.

One upgrade the V2 does have is a European routing method. There is a belt path feature added to the back of the Mesa V2 carrier. During carrier-only installation, the shoulder belt can be wrapped around the back of the carrier for a more secure install to the vehicle seat. The benefit is that if there is a collision, this type of installations helps decrease the force on a baby’s shoulders and neck by limiting a downward motion in a frontal crash.

Both seats feature:
  • A SmartSecure System for installing the base with a seatbelt
  • A LATCH System
  • A colour-coded red-to-green tightness indicator
  • Dual levels on each side of the base
  • A multi-position, adjustable foot for levelling (* Note: The Mesa has 3 positions while the V2 features 4)

The Mesa's SmartSecure System is designed to easily thread a seatbelt through the base, ensuring the carrier doesn’t go anywhere while the car is moving.

Additionally, the Mesa comes with a LATCH System. Hook the base’s side straps to the lower anchors in your vehicle’s back seat for maximum Mesa security.

UPPAbaby also includes level indicators on both sides of the base. Simply use the adjustable foot to get the proper angle. You’ll know its level when the indicator turns green.

Once installed, the carrier snaps onto the base and you’re all set! When it’s time to release the carrier, press the large button on the back and lift up on the handle.

If you find yourself in a situation where you don’t have the base (ie. you’re in a taxi or a friend’s car), you can still safely secure both Mesa models. However, as mentioned above, this is where the upgraded V2 is really beneficial, as the belt path easily secures the carrier at three points of contact to reduce movement (European routing method). The original Mesa uses a lap belt route through the blue guides on the carrier.

Safe for Baby

UPPAbaby ensures the Mesa models are super safe for sproglets.

  • Rear-Facing Orientation: Studies show rear-facing car seats are safer than forward-facing ones. This positioning provides the most protection in the event of a head-on collision. You can think of it like falling backward into a mountain of pillows. In the event of a collision, the child will be absorbed into the seat, distributing forces evenly across their back and causing less stress than if they were forward-facing.
  • 5-Point Harness: A no-rethread harness makes for easy adjustments to ensure your baby is snug but comfortable at all times. The Mesa V2 has an upgraded single-crotch buckle position, whereas the Mesa had 2 buckle positions at the crotch (which was confusing to parents). Not a major difference really, but it’s one less thing for parents to fiddle around with while securing a squirming child.

  • Adjustable Headrest: Both models adjust to keep baby’s little bean protected by surrounding it with reinforced EPP foam, but the V2 has a slightly larger headrest.

  • EPP Foam: This dense foam is not only great for comfort, but it does a terrific job at absorbing force in the event of a collision.

  • Anti-Rebound Bar: Both Mesa models have an adjustable multi-position handle bar. The Mesa has a 3-position, while the V2 includes 4, turning it into an anti-rebound bar during rear-impact collisions.

  • Free of Flame Retardant Fabrics: The merino wool fabric on the Mesa V2 Infant Car Seat is free from toxic flame retardant chemicals (which have been linked to a myriad of health issues). Of note, the “Jake” and “Bryce” models from the 1st generation Mesa car seat use flame retardant chemicals, while the “Henry” and “Jordan” models do not.

  • Sun Protection: The Mesa’s retractable canopy is rated at UPF 25+, and can be adjusted to shield your little one from harmful UV rays. Parents who want extra protection for their little ones will appreciate the V2’s bigger canopy, adding 20% more coverage.



Infant Seat Rainshield



CozyGanoosh Infant Car Seat Cover



Infant Seat Travel Safe Bag



MESA Infant Car Seat Base


What Have We Learned?

We’ve learned that the new Mesa V2 is pretty similar to the Mesa, but has a few cool new features.

Here’s a quick list of the Mesa V2 upgrades:
  • A 20% larger canopy
  • A bigger headrest
  • One-crotch buckle position on the harness to eliminate misuse
  • A European routing method
  • A robust infant insert that can withstand a few extra lbs.
  • A 4-position adjustable foot for levelling the base
  • Fabrics that are free from flame-retardant chemicals
  • A 4-position handlebar that doubles as an anti-rebound bar

So not TOO much has changed, and that’s not a bad thing.

UPPAbaby knows that their Mesa Infant Car Seat was already a winner, but by making a few minor upgrades they’ve kept a forward-thinking approach while retaining the familiar features that made the Mesa one of the top-selling car seats.

For a full in-depth review of the Mesa V2, click here.