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Cybex LEMO 3-in-1 High Chair Review

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The one thing about parenting that no one seems to talk about? The Mount Everest-sized collection of baby gear you steadily accumulate as your child continuously grows. We all know a growing baby can very quickly take over the space in your house.

Well, the good news is we found the product straight out of your tidy compact dreams; LEMO 3-in-1 High Chair by Cybex.

This sleek and multifunctional high chair is the perfect product to meet your child’s ever-changing needs without having to buy a ton of different gear. Let us take you through a tour of what this all-in-one LEMO product can do.

The Specs: 

  • Length: 22” 
  • Width: 21.5” 
  • Height: 32” 
  • Weight: 17lbs 
  • Age range: 6 months to 3 years for the baby set 
    • 3 years to 99 years for the LEMO chair 


First, you’ll find the LEMO Baby Set, which is a supportive seat for babies between the ages of 6 months to 3 years old that can be attached to the chair base with a single click.

The crown jewel and foundation of this product is the LEMO Chair. The LEMO chair can be used by itself from the ages of 3 to 99; it’s truly a forever chair for your family.

Last, but certainly not least, is the LEMO tray that clips into the front of the chair around the baby set and allows you to serve delicious meals away from the table for your little one to smash, toss, or (if you’re lucky) eat.

The Three Stages

How exactly does this product adapt to your growing child? Let’s introduce the three stages of the LEMO 3-in-1 high chair:

From the ages of 6 months to 3 years, you can use this product as a traditional high chair, using the Baby Set, tray, and LEMO Chair or you can remove the tray so your baby can eat at the table with the rest of the family. The LEMO chair can be adjusted in height and depth, to ensure baby is perfectly positioned...no matter where they’re sitting. As your child continues to grow, you can tweak the positioning of the chair to keep your child supported and comfy.

When your child is around 3 years old, you’ll no longer need the baby set and tray and your not-so-little one is ready to use the LEMO chair by itself. This stage lets you personalize the positioning of the seat, as well as the footrest attachment, to whatever surface your child is working, eating, or playing on. The taller your child gets, the lower you can set the footrest until they hit the final stage of this product.

Ah, stage 3, or as we call it, the “official big kid stage”. By now your kiddo no longer needs a footrest attachment and the seat of the LEMO chair can be moved down to become a regular dining chair. This chair can be used up until the age of 99 (sorry, to all those centenarians out there), making it a piece of furniture your child can use well after they leave home (cue tearful music).

No Assembly Required

Offered in five different colour options and boasting a standard sleek and modern design, all three parts of this high chair come fully assembled — all you need to do is effortlessly connect them or disconnect them for a quick wipe down with a damp cloth during clean up.

This product gets a gold star for just how easily adjustable it is, so straightforward you’re able to do it with one hand, and we all know you can never have enough free hands when you have kids.

The hind legs of the chair base have wheels on them, which makes moving the chair from room to room a breeze.

Whether baby joins your family at the dinner table or has some quality time with you in the living room enjoying dinner and a show (aka Cocomelon), this 3-in-1 high chair gives you all the flexibility you need to keep your child close by and comfortable.

But Wait! There's More!

The LEMO has a couple of add-on accessories that make this chair even more user-friendly.

While you’ll have to wait until around the 6-month mark to use the LEMO with the Baby Set, you can purchase the LEMO Bouncer to make this high chair suitable for your bundle of joy from day one. The newborn bouncer connects to the LEMO chair base painlessly, all you need is the LEMO Bouncer Adapterset for trouble-free installation. The bouncer comes in the same colour options as the high chair, so you can create a matching set for your LEMO products.

Another item to consider purchasing is the LEMO Comfort Inlay, used to enhance baby’s comfort in the baby set. This extra padded cushioning creates an extra cozy place for your baby to sit (hopefully extending the length of time they can sit still). Like the bouncer, it is available in the same colour options as the high chair to keep your LEMO look consistent.

Final Verdict

The Cybex LEMO 3-in-1 High Chair provides parents with the flexibility needed to accommodate their growing child. The LEMO adapts alongside baby, extending the lifespan of the product significantly. With zero assembly or tools required, and a simple attachment system for all the high-quality add-ons (we’re talking one single click system simple), this high chair and its accessories are a great purchase for parents.

The cherry on top? The LEMO boasts a modern and sleek design with trendy colour options to complement any décor.

Mount Everest-sized mountain of baby gear? You’ve met your match.