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Nursing Bra 101

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Congratulations, mama! You’re pregnant and that glow looks good on ya!

Your belly is growing and so are your breasts, time to get you fitted for a nursing bra.

Today we are breaking it down for you in terms of comfort and style for every stage of the prenatal and postpartum journey.

Let's get started!




Breast tenderness and an increase in size were some of the first tell-tale signs that there was a bun in the oven—right?

We get it.
Nothing fits.

At 6 months pregnant you wouldn’t keep trying to squeeze into your pre-baby-belly-jeans, so why would you keep squeezing your oranges [now grapefruits] into the same fruit basket?
You get the analogy. It’s time for a comfy upgrade!!

So many women end up with drawers full of useless DD bras that they won't ever wear again. You don’t need to be nursing to utilize the comfort and convenience of a nursing bra. No need to spend hundreds of dollars sizing up numerous times throughout your pregnancy at a traditional lingerie store. We suggest purchasing a nursing bra or two early on in your pregnancy for optimal comfort and as a great way to get some good use of them before baby comes.

Comfort & Convenience


For those first few days in the hospital [and beyond] you will want to focus on C-O-M-F-O-R-T.
A simple bra or nursing cami will be your BFF throughout the fourth trimester.

If you are a first-time Mama who is learning [yes, learning] how to breastfeed your little one then a nursing tank throughout the day may be ideal. The Medela Comfy Camisole is perfect for layering, has removable foam cups, and is a gentle fit. While some women opt to go topless while they get their groove, [skin-to-skin contact with baby is SO good for both of you] a nursing tank allows you some coverage and modesty for when guests stop in unannounced – and they will.

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Bedtime, Bras & Breast Pads

If you are a first-time mom it will take about 3-4 days for your milk to come in. Not to worry, when it does arrive you won’t miss it. You will likely begin to feel very full and engorged – you'll leak the most during those first few weeks. This means you'll need to wear a bra and nursing pads all the time in order to keep comfortable and dry.

Now, once baby starts to get into a groove and begins to sleep in longer stretches you'll be shocked to find that your full breasts are now the culprit for those middle-of-the-night wake-ups, not your sweet little newborn.  

Baby will be creating enough laundry as it is – so don’t forget to have breast pads on hand to keep you dry while your breasts learn to master the art of the letdown. 

Since you can’t put a price on getting a good night's rest, we suggest purchasing a few sleep-specific bras.
The Medela Sleep Bra is an ideal candidate.

Your body will adjust to your nursing schedule in due time and will begin to process how much milk it needs to make. Eventually, the leaking should taper off.


Rachel's Remedy

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Maximum Comfort Disposable Breast Pads - 60 Count


Work It! 

Okay, so you are 6 weeks postpartum and are starting to feel like yourself again! [You go girl!]

Exercise after pregnancy can make you feel your best. If your Doctor has given you the all-clear on light exercise you may want to transition into a racerback sports bra style for our workouts.

Enter the Double Latte Bra. We love that it is self-wicking to keep you dry -- perfect for low-impact activity. 

No gym? No problem!
This bra will pair nicely with your mom uniform.
Yoga pants and a cozy tee for the win!
It has removable pads to provide a smooth look under your clothes, which makes it a great everyday bra for running errands, heading to playgroup, or just lounging at home with babe.

Underwire or Bust!

Some think that underwire bras are redundant once baby comes, but we beg to differ as there is certainly a time and a place for the Bravado Buttercup Nursing Bra.

As we already highlighted, a supportive but comfortable bra throughout your pregnancy is essential. This one will go nicely underneath your work blouses and you'll want something that fits properly for maternity photos, your baby shower, etc.

You may not be thinking about leaving baby right now, there will come a day, or an evening, when you will need to. When the time comes, you'll appreciate having an underwire nursing bra at your disposal for pumping on the go.

Headed to a wedding? Girls Night Out?

A supportive bra that will allow quick and easy access for pumping on-the-go on those special occasions will be a godsend. We've got a hunch that your go-to comfy cotton nursing bra won’t be your first choice for these occasions. 

Additionally, once you return to work after maternity leave, your underwire nursing bra will get called back up as a regular wardrobe staple. Whether you are taking pumping breaks on the clock [you ARE entitled to them by law] or are just nursing before work or at bedtime – you will love the convenience and support that an underwire nursing bra allows.

Now that you know what styles you are after, let's get you fitted.

Fit & Sizing

You'll fit yourself for a nursing bra the same way you would for a regular bra.
Keep in mind that as you close in on the third trimester you may require a larger band and you will 100% require a larger cup size once your milk comes in.

It’s totally normal for your breast to fluctuate in size MANY times throughout your pregnancy and breast-feeding journey so it may make sense to size up to allow some wiggle room.

Ballet Bra

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Easy Expression Bustier Bra - Black


It’s Not All Black, White & Nude

Somewhere along the line, nursing bras were given a bad rep.

Are they functional? Yes.
Are they boring? No.

I mean, we aren't talking cotton granny panties here. Though come to think of it, you will need a stash of those postpartum.

We know that you are far from basic, which is why we carry lots of options that will allow you to express your unique personal style. Just because you are breastfeeding doesn't mean you cant feel good about what's underneath that spit up stained tee-shirt. 

Whimsical Watercolour? Check!
Bright & Bold? Check! Check!
Lavender, lace, and leopard? Check! Check! CHECK!

See? We told you we had options for everyone – you are officially one step closer to comfort.

Happy shopping!

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