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Top Activity Centres, Jumpers & Tables

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Keeping kids entertained all day long can be a challenge. It’s even harder if you’re juggling other household tasks — or looking after multiple little ones. So, what can a busy parent do to make sure their kiddo is having fun, staying safe, and building lots of sensorimotor skills?  

Enter the Activity Toy. This category of enrichment options includes items like activity centres and jumpers, tables, and even cubes or triangles for portable play. A good activity toy will offer several different modes of engagement, and ideally, it can grow and change alongside your little one — helping entertain them from tummy time all the way through toddlerhood. In this article, we’ll introduce you to a few of our favourite activity centres, jumpers, and tables so that you can decide which best meets your family’s needs.

Activity Centres & Jumpers 

Activity centres and jumpers are a great way to keep your kiddo entertained — and out from underfoot when needed. These self-contained units feature a swivelling seat in the centre with toys and activities surrounding your little one. They provide 360 degrees of engagement while keeping your kiddo safe and contained so you can get dinner on the table or enjoy a mug of tea.   

Created with the help and guidance of baby physical therapists, the 5-in-1 Here I Grow Stationary Activity Center from Tiny Love helps your little one learn and play with a unique selection of toys that foster and strengthen skills essential to babies' growth and development. Featuring over 20 activities and six child-development toys, this activity centre offers your child a world of fun and learning from birth to 36 months, transforming from an activity centre with swivelling seat and interchangeable toys to a play table and stool for toddlers.  

The Explore & More 3-Stage Activity Center from Skip Hop supports a “whole body” approach to play and learning. Easy to assemble, with toys that can be positioned anywhere along the edge of the centre, the three-stage Activity Centre features a 360-degree rotating seat that turns and stretches for bouncing. The unique Discovery Window lets your little one see their feet while they play — a great way to learn cause and effect. As your baby grows, this activity centre is great for cruising, and converts to a sturdy table for your toddler. 
For the kiddo who loves to bounce, The Baby Einstein Neighbourhood Friends Activity Jumper will captivate your baby like no other activity jumper can. With 360 degrees of multi-sensory activities, your baby can swivel and play every which way. This jumper features three play stations and more than 12 activities with lights, songs, and sounds. Featuring activities in English, Spanish & French, this is a great way to introduce your little one to new languages. With five easily adjustable height settings, the Neighbourhood Friends jumper is ready to grow with your little one! 
If you’re looking for a something with a few more bells and whistles, the Curiosity Cove 2-in-1 Activity Jumper (also from Baby Einstein) encourages an ocean of learning and play with this ocean-themed jumper and removable electronic Neptune the Turtle floor toy. A 360-degree swivel seat and three modes of play help your little one explore melodies, engage the senses, and learn colours & numbers in four languages — English, French, German, and Spanish. Four heights easily adjust the jumper as your baby develops, giving them a safe and secure space to explore and play from ages six months to one year (or up to 25 pounds).  

Skip Hop

Explore & More 3-Stage Activity Center


Baby Einstein

Baby Einstein Activity Jumper


Baby Einstein

Curiosity Cove 2-in-1 Activity Jumper


Activity Tables  

An activity table is a great option if you don’t need to keep your little one contained, or if you have more than one kiddo running around — activity tables are perfect spaces for siblings or friends to play together! 

One of our favourite activity tables is the Tree Top Adventure Activity Centre from Manhattan Toys. This wooden activity table is packed full of exciting features. Separated into four quadrants with a variety of different activities (including six tracks for animal-themed gliders to slide on, six bead runs with colourful wooden beads, a spring-y flower, spinning spirals, and doors to open and close), this table will entertain your little one for years to come. There is also a Playground Adventure themed option.  
The Dino Activity Table from Janod is another great choice for open play. This sturdy table can transport your little one back to the prehistoric era where they can conjure up an extraordinary universe: a volcano mid-eruption, baby dinosaurs hatching from their eggs, and even flying creatures! Designed for children 12 months and up, this table features eight different activities to help develop your little one’s curiosity, motor skills, and concentration. If you like the square table design, but just aren’t that into dinosaurs, Janod also offers a Pretty Meadow version of this table.  

Manhattan Toys

Tree Top Adventure Activity Centre


Manhattan Toys

Playground Adventure Activity Centre



Dino Activity Table



Pretty Meadow Multi-Activity Table


Activity Cubes & Triangles  

If you’re looking for something a little more portable (or to leave over at the grandparents’ house), an activity cube or triangle is a great option to consider. Not only are they convenient, but the unique shapes will engage your little ones! 

Coco Villages Wooden Activity Cube helps toddlers discover the world around them. Inspired by elements found in nature, this toy stimulates curiosity and encourages the development of fine motor skills in children. Each side features a different activity: shapes to sort, buttons to move, pictures to align, music to invent. The top of the cube features a bead run with lots of colourful beads to slide back and forth. The top also serves as a removable lid, so you can store the sorting shapes inside the cube, making tidying up quick and easy. 
Another great option is the Bigjigs Toys Triangular Activity Centre. With five sides packed full of fun, tots can learn how to count with the abacus beads, explore the animal blocks, spin the alphabet squares, and sort the animal faces. One side of the triangle is a chalkboard, which provides excellent opportunities for your little one to practise their drawing skills. What really sets this activity centre apart from some others is that it has no detachable pieces, which means there is no cleaning up to do or pieces to lose!  

Coco Village

Wooden Activity Cube


Bigjigs Toys

Triangular Activity Centre


Soft Activity Cube


Mon Ami Designs

Soft Activity Cube

From Sale Price: $29.88

Bigjigs Toys

Activity Cube



Let Them Play!  

Choosing the right toys and activities to engage your little ones can be tricky. Remember that kids are creative learners, so always be open to letting them use toys in unexpected ways. We hope this article has helped you get a better sense of the different types of activity toys on the market and how to use them. 

For more great indoor play solutions, be sure to check out this article from our Learning Center or check out some of the other toys featured in our store. If your little one is still too young to take full advantage of an activity centre just yet, you can also check out our great selection of tummy time accessories and baby bouncers — happy playing!