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Top Tummy Time Toys & Accessories

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If you’re a new (or soon to be) parent, you might have heard about “tummy time” and wondered what all the fuss is about. This post has you covered with an overview of tummy time’s importance and benefits, plus a rundown of all the best tummy time toys and accessories. 

What Exactly is Tummy Time? 

Tummy time is as simple as it sounds — giving your newborn some time to play (supervised, of course!) on their stomach. Tummy time is important for your child's development as it helps strengthen their neck, shoulder, and arm muscles so they can start to sit up, crawl, and eventually walk on their own. Tummy time can also improve your little one’s ability to move and control their muscles, developing key motor skills. Finally, Tummy time can help prevent flat spots on the back of baby’s head from resting against hard surfaces like a car seat, bouncer, or swing 

You can start tummy time sessions with your newborn right away — as early as a day or two after they are born. At this age, your little one will benefit from two or three short (three-to five-minute) tummy time sessions each day. As they get older, you can go for longer, more regular sessions throughout the day. Once your kiddo is about two months old, they should have 15 to 30 minutes of total tummy time each day. 

Not sure how to get started on your tummy time adventures? No problem. Here at Snuggle Bugz, we have all kinds of great activity toys to help make tummy time more fun and engaging for your little one. 

Keep reading for all the best products and tips! 

Hit the Gym 

An activity gym is a great way to start out with tummy time. These all-in-one solutions come with multiple features that support key developmental milestones, as well as an integrated play mat to ensure your little one has a soft, safe, and clean place to explore the world.  

The Rising Star Activity Gym features a premium birch wood frame and a muslin mat that extends the signature look of Aden + Anais across the home. This fun mat comes with four toys (including a mirror) for self discovery and entertainment, as well as a special pillow for tummy time.  

With a reversible, ultra-plush mat and six activity toys (plush bear, bead rattle, mirror, natural rubber apple, wooden ring, and tummy time pillow), Ingenuity’s Cozy Spot Reversible Duvet Activity Gym is a great way to get started with tummy time. As a bonus, the wooden frame folds in two for easy storage and transport. 

If a wooden frame seems a bit too rigid, consider the Silver Lining Cloud Activity Gym from Skip Hop. With an oversized mat offering cushiony comfort and a plush cloud pillow for tummy time, this gym is a mound of fluffy softness with a plush toy bar and five developmental toys, including a musical sheep, light-up star, cloud squeaker, bird rattle, and sunshine baby mirror. 

Going green? The Skip Hop Garden Oasis Activity Gym features garden-inspired toys, including a musical watering can, mandrake plant chime, a sun mirror with cloud teether, fern rattle plant, and a bird squeaker. This versatile gym also features a cactus pillow for tummy time and more than 17 developmental activities.  

Aden & Anais

Rising Star Activity Gym



Cozy Spot Reversible Duvet Activity Gym - Loamy


Skip Hop

Silver Lining Cloud Gym


Skip Hop

Garden Oasis Activity Gym


Squishy Squeaky Sensory Fun 

If you don’t have the space for an activity gym, a playmat is a great option to ensure a safe, comfortable, and entertaining introduction to tummy time.  

The Whoosit Water Mat from Manhattan Toys is a unique, fabric-covered mat you fill with water. This imaginative, playful design features floating foam pieces that move when baby touches the mat for cause and effect learning and features three foam jungle characters, knotted fabric cords, and satin ribbons for tummy time play. 

If you’re looking for a mat that works well in smaller spaces, the Bright Starts Tummy Time mat has everything your baby needs to stay comfortable and engaged. The unique tented character head on the plush mat allows you to bring toys up to your little one, making tummy time easier. This mat also comes with a gusset-lined pillow, baby-safe mirror, fish-shaped teether, and a ring rattle with brightly coloured beads.  

Featuring a built-in tummy time pillow, Skip Hop's Farmstand Tummy Time Playmat is packed with farm fresh activities that encourage your little one to learn and grow. Four garden-inspired toys engage baby’s senses with textures, sounds, and more to explore, while the colourful mat includes peekaboo pockets, toy loops, and easily rolls up for on-the-go play. 

Make tummy time a dream with the Bitzy Bespoke Ritzy Tummy Time Playmat - Rainbow from Itzy Ritzy. The luxe, quilted rainbow play mat creates a soft play area, while the airy cloud pillow provides a boost of support. This mat also comes with a sun-shaped mirror and crinkly rainbow toy with textured ribbons to make tummy time fun and engaging for your baby.  

Skip Hop

Farmstand Tummy Time Playmat


Grab ‘em, Toss ‘em, Toys! 

Even if you already have a playmat or activity gym, chances are you could use a few more fun toys to engage your little one during tummy time and help with their sensory and motor skill development.  

Petit Collage’s Tummy Time Peekaboo is a fantastic way to make tummy time exciting. This unique set of six double-sided art cards features high-contrast smiling animal faces and playful icons. Set up is a breeze with a simple stand-up easel box to display the cards, or you can turn the easel around to reveal a baby safe mirror for more fun and exploration. 

With bright colours and various textures help to promote visual and tactile exploration, the Musical Inchworm from Lamaze is filled with surprises that parents and newborns will love to explore together. Your little one will enjoy being rewarded with fun rattles, squeaks, and jingles that help to develop auditory skills. 

As your little one becomes more mobile, the Boho Décor Tummy Time Mobile Entertainer from Tiny Love will help your baby develop gross motor skills. This innovative product helps extend the time baby spends in this all-important position by promoting baby's senses and cognition with a selection of fun and engaging features, sounds, and more!

If you’re looking for something simpler that still features lots of activities for your little one to explore, the Tummy Time Activity Toy Croco Green from Done by Deer is the choice for you. This tummy time pillow will help strengthen your baby's neck and back while enjoying sensory play time. With a teether and rings, tactile textures, a small mirror, tags, crinkle sounds and a jittering crocodile tummy, this deceptively simple toy packs a lot of playtime punch.  

Petit Collage

Tummy Time Peekaboo



Musical Inchworm


Tiny Love

Tummy Time Mobile & Take Along - Boho


Done by Deer

Tummy Time Activity Toy Croco Green


The Joy of Toys 

In addition to being an important muscle-building activity, tummy time is also your baby’s first real dedicated moments of play and exploration. It’s a chance to introduce them to new sensations and to the magic of imagination. Gyms, playmats, and activity toys are all great ways to make tummy time as engaging as possible for your little one.  

If you’re looking to learn more about some of the best toys for every stage of development, check out these great posts in our Learning Centre. 

Happy playing!