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WonderFold W2 Luxe vs. BOB Renegade Wagon

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Each day out with your little ones should be filled with precious moments you can cherish forever. As a parent, you're always on the lookout for the best ways to make these experiences not only enjoyable but also safe and convenient.  

The easiest way to do this is by using a baby wagon — a four-wheeled wonder that will elevate every single one of your family outings! 

We’re here to tell you all about two of our favourites, the high-seated W2 Luxe from WonderFold, and the 3-seated Renegade from BOB. 

These wagons are formidable contenders and offer a world of possibilities and comfort for your family.  

So, without further ado, let’s get to it! 

What's in the Box? 


  • Suitable for children 6+ months 
  • Maximum Weight Capacity: 200 lbs. (45 lbs. per seat) 
  • Wagon Dimensions: 44.5” L x 25” W x 36.5 - 44” H 
  • Folded Dimensions: 20” L x 25” W x 43” H 
  • Wagon Weight: 55 lbs. 


  • Suitable from birth (with infant car seat) or for children who can sit unassisted (with sufficient head and neck control) to a maximum height of 44”
  • Maximum Weight Capacity: 165 lbs. (55 lbs. per seat) 
  • Seating Area Dimensions: 15.75" H x  8.66" D x 15" W 
  • Wagon Dimensions: 49.62" D x 28.61" W x 38.58" H 
  • Wagon Dimensions Folded: 41.73" D x 28.61" W x 18.5" H 
  • Wagon Weight: 42 lbs.

The W2 Luxe is a considerably larger wagon in terms of height and weight. Inside the W2’s box, you’ll find the wagon, a canopy, a detachable basket, and a pull strap, while the Renegade comes with the wagon, cup holders, and dual canopies. 

A Similar Foundation 

These baby wagons have several bells and whistles in common that parents will love. With both the WonderFold and BOB you’ll get:

  • High-Quality Construction: Both the WonderFold W2 Luxe and BOB Renegade are designed to withstand the rigours of outdoor adventures, ensuring they can handle every twist and turn with ease. 
  • Rugged Wheels: Tough terrain is no longer an issue with these wagons! Equipped with all-terrain tires, the W2 and Renegade both effortlessly tackle gravel paths, bumpy trails, and uneven surfaces, providing a smooth and comfortable ride for your tiny passengers. 
  • Overhead protection: Shielding children from the elements is a top priority, and both the W2 and Renegade deliver with adjustable canopies that completely cover the wagon. The W2’s is a full piece that covers the wagon, while the Renegade has two that attach to either end. The benefit with the Renegade is that you can adjust the canopies separately, depending on the rider's preference. However, both provide protection from sun and rain, so your little ones will stay cozy and protected throughout your journeys!  

11 Diverging Features 

However, a quick look at these wagons will tell you there are stark differences between them. Here are all the ways they differ from each other (which may make or break your purchasing decision):

  1. Seating Capacity: The W2 offers high seating for two passengers, creating a cozy environment for siblings or friends. In contrast, the Renegade comfortably accommodates up to three passengers, making it a fantastic choice for larger families or playdates. 

  2. Seating Comfort: Parents taking children on full-day outings will appreciate the reclining seat option on the W2 Luxe, which allows children to relax and take in the sights while on the move. 

  3. Clean Ride: BOB’s Renegade comes equipped with rear fenders that act as shields, protecting your wagon (and children) from dirt and debris, which can be especially handy when exploring muddy trails or dusty paths. 

  4. Folding: When it comes to folding, the Renegade boasts an easy, one-handed folding mechanism that lays the wagon flat for compact storage. In contrast, the W2 requires a multi-step collapse and remains upright.

  5. Harness: Both wagons prioritize safety with 5-point harnesses. However, the W2’s harness features a slightly easier magnetic buckle, making it quicker and more convenient for parents. 

  6. Door: WonderFold designed the W2 with a unique "doggy door" entrance, allowing kids to easily climb in and out of the wagon, adding an extra layer of independence and fun to their journey. 

  7. Handlebar: The W2 offers a more comfortable grip with its leatherette handlebar wrap, ensuring a pleasant and secure hold. Additionally, the handles operate differently, being height-adjustable, while the Renegade features a push/pull style handle. 

  8. Storage: The Renegade provides ample storage with four storage pockets. In contrast, the W2 Luxe offers extra storage on all sides of the body, including a detachable rear basket, providing additional space for your family's essentials.

  9. Car Seat-Friendly: BOB goes the extra mile by offering an Infant Car Seat Adapter for the Renegade, accommodating various Britax, Nuna, and Cybex infant car seats. On the other hand, the W2 Luxe does not have this car seat compatibility feature. 

  10. Price: Budget-conscious shoppers may lean towards the Renegade, which is priced $100 less than the W2 Luxe, making it an attractive option for families seeking value without compromising quality. 

  11. Accessories: While WonderFold offers accessories for the W2 like the Premium Single Seat With Footrest, Wonder Tote Shopping Basket, Snack & Activity Tray, and Phone & Cup Holder, BOB enhances the Renegade's value by including dual canopies with your original purchase.

Worlds Apart Wagons 

The choice between the W2 Luxe Double Stroller Wagon and the Renegade Wagon Bundle ultimately depends on your family's unique needs and preferences. 

If you're looking for spacious seating and affordability, the Renegade is a reliable choice, with its 3-seater capacity, enhanced safety features, and included UPF 50 canopies. It's ideal for larger families as well as playdates, all while being budget-friendly.

However, the popularity of the W2 Luxe can’t be dismissed. Parents and their children love the high seat design, canopy, ample room, storage, and robust craftsmanship to enhance every outing. 

In the end, you can’t go wrong with either. But the final decision rests on which wagon aligns better with your unique lifestyle and priorities. 

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