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Veer Cruiser vs. BOB Renegade Wagon

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You're gearing up for a day of adventure and your little one's eyes are sparkling with curiosity for what lies ahead. But which chariot would be ideal for towing your tiny tot around town? 

While strollers are great, a wagon is the perfect solution for families with multiple children and a whole lot of gear to cart around. They're your ticket to a world of convenience, comfort, and a genius way to expand your child’s space while on-the-move. 

Today, we’ll be looking at two of our top wagons, the Veer Cruiser and the BOB Renegade. While they share many similar features, they deviate in a few ways that will affect your purchasing decision and your budget! 

So, grab your shades, buckle up your little adventurer, and let's head into the world of these top-tier baby wagons! 

What's in the Box? 


  • Suitable for children: Newborn (with infant car seat) to around 45” in height (5 years+) 
  • Maximum Weight Capacity: 110 lbs. (55 lbs. per seat) 
  • Wagon Dimensions: 37″ L x 20″ W x 25″ H 
  • Folded Dimensions: 37″ L x 20″ W x 14″ H (8” H with wheels removed) 
  • Wagon Weight: 32.5 lbs.  


  • Suitable for children: Newborn (with an infant car seat) or who can sit unassisted (with sufficient head and neck control) to a maximum height of 44” 
  • Maximum Weight Capacity: 165 lbs. (55 lbs. per seat) 
  • Seating Area Dimensions: 15.75" H x  8.66" D x 15" W 
  • Wagon Dimensions: 49.62" D x 28.61" W x 38.58" H 
  • Wagon Dimensions Folded: 41.73" D x 28.61" W x 18.5" H 
  • Wagon Weight: 42 lbs. 

The takeaway here is that the Renegade is a larger and heavier wagon as it has more seating than the Cruiser. Both strollers come with two cup holders and a snack tray. The Renegade takes things a step further and includes two canopies, one at each end of the wagon. 

Seeing Double 

You'll be happy to know that these wagons share several similarities that make them a delightful choice for active families. Here’s what you’ll find in both models:

Rugged Construction: 
Both the Cruiser and Renegade are built tough with welded aluminum frames, ensuring they can handle all the twists and turns of your outdoor escapades. 

Wagon Wheels: 
Equipped with all-terrain tires and suspension systems, these wagons provide a smooth and comfortable ride, even on bumpy terrain. Plus, rear fenders help protect your precious cargo from dirt and debris that kicks up! 

One-Handed Fold: 
Convenience is key for parents on the go, and both wagons offer a one-handed folding mechanism, making them easy to pack up when it's time to head home or stow in your car. 

Water-Resistant Fabrics: 
Unpredictable weather shouldn’t dampen your spirits (or your baby's comfort)! The Cruiser and the Renegade feature water-resistant fabrics that keep your child dry in unexpected drizzles. 

Safety Certified: 
Rest assured, these wagons meet rigorous certification standards, prioritizing your child's safety during every outing. 

Up next, we'll explore the unique qualities that set them apart! 

Fitting Your Needs  

The wagons have plenty of contrasts that make them unique in their own right. Whether you're looking for more seating, extra storage, or specific compatibility, these differences should help you decide which wagon is the perfect fit for your family's adventures:  

The Veer Cruiser is designed as a cozy 2-seater, ideal for smaller families, while the BOB Renegade comfortably accommodates three passengers, making it perfect for larger families or playdates. 

When it comes to securing your little ones, the Cruiser boasts two 3-point harnesses, while the Renegade steps it up with three 5-point harnesses, ensuring top-notch safety. 

While the Renegade comes equipped with two UPF 50 canopies to shield your children from the sun (and wet weather), the Cruiser requires you to purchase their canopy separately. 

The Cruiser offers impressive storage options with six pockets and four storage wells for toys and drinks. In comparison, the Renegade comes with four storage pockets, offering a slightly less storage capacity. 

Car Seat Adapter: 
BOB offers the convenience of an Infant Car Seat Adapter for the Renegade, accommodating various Britax, Nuna, and Cybex infant car seats. Veer, on the other hand, provides an adapter for Peg Perego car seats. 

When it comes to folding, the Cruiser wins points for its standing fold, making it easier to stow away in a jiffy. 

Budget-conscious shoppers might lean towards the Renegade, priced $100 less than the Cruiser, which falls on the higher end of the spectrum at $949.99. Keep in mind, with the Renegade, you also get many a few bells and whistles that you have to buy separately with the Veer.

Veer offers a range of add-ons for the Cruiser, including a Foldable Storage Basket, Retractable Canopy, Cruiser Comfort Toddler Seat and a Travel Bag. You can learn more about these accessories in this article. 

BOB includes dual canopies as part of the Renegade package, so you don’t have to purchase them separately, hoever they don’t offer as many accessory add ons as Veer. 

Wonder Wagons 

If you're a parent seeking a dependable and budget-friendly option for a growing family, the Renegade from BOB might be your go-to choice. With its 3-seater capacity, enhanced safety harnesses, and included UPF 50 canopies, it's perfect for larger families and playdates and is the more cost effective option! 

On the other hand, if you are looking for a slightly lighter wagon (and don't mind Veer’s higher price point), the Cruiser's 2-seater design, standing fold, and extensive accessory options make it an excellent pick.  

BOB and Veer have both made excellent wagons that your family will love. All it comes down to is which one better fits your lifestyle! 

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