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Cybex Coÿa Lightweight Ultra-Compact Travel Stroller Review

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When it comes to travel, parents know all about range anxiety. Nearest change room? (Just missed it.) Did I pack Mr. Stuffy? (We’ll buy a new one.) Are we really prepared for a holiday with the kiddos? (Unlikely, but we’ll go anyways.) The last thing you should have to worry about is your travel stroller keeping up.

Whether you’re taking to the skies or off for a cottage weekend with the in-laws, the Cybex Coÿa Lightweight Ultra-Compact Travel Stroller is there to make sure you arrive in style. Now, this isn’t the first luxury travel stroller from this friend-favourite brand that we’ve rolled with. We recently checked out the Cybex Orfeo Lightweight Stroller — part of Cybex’s gold collection — and fell in love with its combo of manoeuvrability and good looks.

As part of Cybex’s platinum collection, the Coÿa puts even greater emphasis on luxe functionality and elevated design, amply building on the success of its predecessor.

Ready to learn more? We thought so! Here we go!

Designed for the Skies

Before we dive into the travel stroller’s best-in-class features, take a peek under the hood and let us know if you’ve spotted anything.


Recommended Use: Birth (with infant car seat) to 48.5 lbs.
Weight: 14.5 pounds
Folded Dimensions: 7.08" L x 17.3" W x 20.5” H
Open Dimensions: 31.1" L x 17.3" W x 41.3" H

If you took one look at the dimensions above and thought “Hmm, that’ll fit into an overhead compartment,” you’ve just earned yourself some travel points — but we’re guessing you’re good in that department!

Cybex’s ultra-compact lightweight buggy is built to maximize convenience and minimize profile, folding up in seconds into a prim package small enough to be carried onto your flight. A padded carry strap integrated right into the carrier comes in handy when you’re scrambling (ahem, stylishly) for a gate conveniently located on the other side of the terminal. Bonus: Cybex’s unique one-pull harness swaddles your little one in comfort faster than an air captain can say, “Ladies and gentlemen, we have just landed in New York City.”

First-Class Seats

If the Coÿa travel stroller were any more luxurious, it would come with free pours of the finest sparkling grape juice all flight long. Just like your first-class seats, Cybex’s elegant design ensures optimum comfort for your baby with an ergonomic backrest that reclines all the way to a lie-flat position for the perfect nap. In tandem with the integrated adjustable leg rest, your child will never know what it’s like fighting for leg room.

For those en route to warmer destinations — or maybe just surviving a Toronto summer — the Coÿa features one of Cybex’s most generous sun canopies yet, plus a breathable mesh backrest that allows for optimal air circulation when the padded comfort inlay is removed.

We also love the elevated fashions on the Coÿa! Not only do the premium fabrics look and feel luxurious, but you can choose from several colour options to match your sense of style. The frame is also available in two colours, a classic Matt Black and a swoon-worthy Rose Gold.

Road-Trip Friendly

The Cybex Coÿa isn’t just the king of the skies — it rules the road, too. When folded, its petite form easily fits between pieces of luggage or among your beach gear. But it’s the travel stroller’s travel systemcompatibility that puts it in an express lane of its own. The Coÿa can be used with any one of Cybex’s award-winning infant car seats to create a travel system suitable for newborns. That includes the Cybex Sirona S SensorSafe Infant Seat (which sends you Bluetooth notifications amid unsafe situations, like unbuckling). You can learn all about Cybex’s SensorSafe technology, here.

All that’s to say you can easily transfer the babe from street to car without waking them. Now if they could do anything about the jet lag…

The Journey Ahead

Although a getaway with the family, no matter how near or far, can take a surprising amount of planning — attractions, pit stops, the list goes on — the Coÿa Lightweight Ultra-Compact Travel Stroller from Cybex makes for an easy box to check. With its luxurious design and easy-to-carry frame, it’s a constant travel companion that will stick with you from “Are we there yet?” to making memories that last a lifetime.