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Essential Gear for 2 Kids Under 2

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While the idea of parenting two little ones under two years old might sound daunting to some, there are so many wonderful things about having siblings grow up close in age. Whether you’re planning your family, expecting your second, or already have two little kiddos, Snuggle Bugz has you covered with all the essential gear to keep your growing family safe and comfortable. 

In this article, we’ll take you through some of our top picks for managing two under two, giving you more time and energy to focus on your family.  

Let’s dive in! 

On the Go with Two in Tow  

Two kids can mean twice the fun — but doesn’t have to take twice the gear. In this section, we’ll take you through how to choose the right stroller, baby carrier, car seat, and diaper bag to simplify your day-to-day prep and make it easier to get everyone out the door. 


As you get set to take your littles out to explore the world, it’s important to choose the right stroller for your needs. A good double stroller can make sure you can accommodate both kids. To learn more about the different kinds, check out our Tandem vs. Side-by-Side Double Stroller comparison. Alternatively, you could opt for a convertible stroller like the VISTA V2 that will grow alongside your family, allowing you to add a second seat when the time is right. It also allows you to use the stroller with the included bassinet during the newborn phase (or your infant car seat), before moving on to the toddler seat. The VISTA V2 even has an optional ride-along board to accommodate a third child down the road (or to allow your toddler to catch a ride). Be sure to check out this review of the VISTA V2, or for more great convertible stroller options, read our top picks of the year, here. 


A hands-free baby carrier is an essential item for any parent of two under two. Not only do you get to keep your littlest one snuggled up safely close to your body, but these carriers free up your hands so you can prep snacks, push the stroller, or do anything else that needs to be done (we know, the list is endless). Our top pick is the Baby Bjorn Baby Carrier Harmony due to its premium design and superior comfort — from newborn up to the age of 3, but you can’t go wrong with any of the Baby Bjorn carriers. For more options, you can also dig into this article listing our top carriers of the year. 

Convertible Car Seat

If baby number 1 hasn't transitioned out of their infant car seat yet, it may be time (weight and height depending) to pick out a convertible car seat so your infant seat is available for baby number 2. We love the Nuna RAVA because it’s super-easy to install securely, making switching between rear and forward-facing simple. Before you buy, be sure to check out our review of the RAVA and this list of our Top Convertible Car Seats to make sure you find the model that fits your growing family’s needs best.  

Diaper Bag

A well-packed diaper bag makes double-duty changing on the go easy. The UPPAbaby Changing Backpack is an amazing bag that frees up your hands so you can keep track of your little ones. It is sleek and stylish with lots of well-thought-out details to make organizing all your essentials easy. It also features a large compartment separate from the changing section, which could easily be used to keep each kid’s diapers and other supplies separate. It’s also possible to attach the backpack directly to your stroller (if you choose a VISTA, CRUZ, or MINU).  


Vista (2015+) Piggyback Ride-Along Board


Managing Multiple Sleep Cycles 

Trying to manage two different sets of sleep cycles and wake windows can sometimes feel impossible, but there are ways to make it work. We’ve carefully selected a few great products to help with the ultimate parenting challenge: staggered naps and two bedtime routines.  

Baby Monitor

Choosing the right baby monitor is tough — there are a lot of personal preferences to consider. One of our favs is the Nanit Pro Complete Baby Monitoring System. In addition to 1080p resolution, wireless Breathing Wear sensors, and a stylish, yet unobtrusive design, this monitor system offers split-screen viewing, so you can watch both kids anywhere from your mobile device. To see how well the Nanit Pro holds up against other systems, check out this review and our Top Baby monitors article! 


When having two little ones moving around underfoot is just a little too much, a playard is an essential piece of gear, allowing you to keep one child safe and contained while wrangling with the other. We love the Silver Cross Slumber Playard & Travel Crib because it not only gives you a secure area for your little to play, but it also provides a place for both newborns (using the bassinet attachment) and toddlers (at playard level) to sleep safely in a pinch (although not at the same time). This lightweight, portable playard is easy to bring with you when visiting friends or family. For more info, check out our review of the Slumber or for more great alternatives, read this article detailing the best playards of the year. 

Noise Machine

With multiple bedtimes in the house, a white noise machine can go a long way to ensure each kiddo has a calm, peaceful sleep environment. These devices help to cancel out ambient sounds (like an older sibling playing somewhere else), help babies adjust to the world outside the womb, and can promote longer and more restful sleep cycles. Parents give rave reviews to the Hush Portable All-Natural White Noise Sound Machine because of its long battery life and its pocket-sized design, which allows you to use it at home or on the go — anywhere your kiddo(s) might need a little help to calm down and/or fall asleep.  

Bouncer or Swing

Sometimes it’s just about having a safe space to sit and relax. A baby swing is a great option for giving your arms a rest and letting your little ones sit back and take in the world. We love the 4moms MamaRoo Multi-Motion swing for when you need to put your newborn down to tend to their older sibling. This is the only baby swing that features multiple motions inspired by the way real parents and caregivers bounce and sway. Be sure to check out our review, and for more info on baby swings, read our top bouncers, swings, and rockers article. 

Pro Complete Baby Monitoring System



Pro Complete Baby Monitoring System

Sale Price: $349.99

Regular Price: $499.99

Silver Cross

Slumber Playard & Travel Crib



Hush Portable All-Natural White Noise Sound Machine



Twice the Dinners, Twice the Diapers 

Everyone eats and everyone poops. Here are a few suggestions for making meal time and diaper changing easier when there are two of everything. 

Multiple Changing Stations

With two under two, multiple changing stations are a must. We recommend having at least one portable changing pad on hand so you don’t have to pick up one (or both) kid(s) and carry them to the changing table every time. The Keekaroo Peanut Diaper Changing Pad is great because its easy-to-clean material makes extra covers and pads unnecessary, saving you time and money. If you’re interested in exploring different changing pads to see what works best for your family, click here to see all our options. 

High Chair

At mealtime, having a safe, comfortable, and easy-to-clean high chair with multiple modes to grow with your child should be at the top of your list. The Giraffe Complete High Chair Set is an excellent option and is truly designed for life — it can hold up to 220 lbs! Another thing to love about the Giraffe is its optional newborn set, allowing you to use it right from birth (learn more, here). This means this high chair is ideal for babies and toddlers alike! If the Giraffe isn’t quite your style, we also give top marks to the Stokke Tripp Trapp Chair because it provides a comfortable, ergonomic seat for any age (check out our review here). For more ideas for baby number one or two, don’t forget to check out our Top High Chairs article!  

Dinnerware Set

Meal time should be fun for kids and as stress-free as possible for parents.  As your toddler(s) transition into the world of solid foods, we recommend picking up the BabyBjorn 8 Piece Dinner set because its clever design details make it easier for your toddler to eat. Plus it comes with everything you’ll need to get your little one munching away including two plates, two spoons, two forks, a cup, and a bib — perfect for sharing with a sibling when needed. Click here for our review.  



Peanut Diaper Changer Pad



Giraffe High Chair Newborn Set


Twice the Love 

Being a parent is tough. Being a parent of multiples is even tougher. But with two kids, you also get twice the snuggles, twice the cuteness, and twice the love. We hope this article has given you some ideas on how to manage the challenges of parenting two under two — remember, Snuggle Bugz is here to help take the stress out of shopping for your growing family!