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Potty Training 101

Judith Little | | Comments 0

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Oh, toddlerhood.

So many exciting milestones ahead. The biggest of them all? Preschool and potty training.

Ready to ditch the diapers?

You’ll want to start the process only when you know your little one is ready to take on this new challenge, and once the time comes, we have everything you’ll need to be successful.

Today, we are highlighting some of our favourite bath and potty products to help you with the potty-training process.

Do we have all [clean + washed] hands on deck? Then let’s begin!

It's Potty Time!

First things first—you’ll need a potty [or two or three.]
We recommend having a potty or toilet trainer in every bathroom in your home –or at least on every level to avoid accidents especially when you are in the early stages.

As far as colour options, you can opt for a serene white and grey colour scheme to match your spa like bathroom aesthetic or go bright and bold in your toddler’s favourite colour to encourage frequent tries on their new potty.

There are many different potty styles to choose from and some will depend on the space you have available in your home. You can go simple with a toilet trainer that pops on top of your existing porcelain throne like this one from Bumbo or the same pop-on style but with the ability to adjust to fit your toilet like this one from Ubbi. Bonus points that the Ubbi Toilet Trainer comes with a convenient hook that can keep your seat tucked away when not in use.

Is leaving your toddlers toilet trainer on the equivalent as leaving the toilet seat up?

Verdict is still out on that one.


EZY Potty with Removable Bowl - Grey


Oxo Tot

Potty Chair


Skip Hop

Made For Me Potty


Looking for something a little more luxurious for that precious little tush?

We love this potty chair from Baby Bjorn for more than just two reasons [see what we did there?] It has a high backrest and comfy armrests mean that your child can just sit back and relax for as long as it may take. These potty chairs are available in lots of fun colours and your little will appreciate being able to hold on tight when getting used to the whole pee-pee on the potty thing. The rubber edging along the bottom ensures that the potty chair rests firmly on the floor without sliding which is a parent approved feature.

The Baby Bjorn Smart Potty is “same-same” but different. It is a little more basic but still gets the job done. It doesn’t have the backrest or cozy armrests—but would be just a suitable depending on your needs and the age of your child.

Looking for something with all of the bells and whistles?

Skip Hop makes a Made For Me Potty that comes complete with a flushing sound button for your inquisitive toddler to press once they done. It also has a place to store wipes and books so it is truly a throne fit for a prince or princess.


EZY Toilet Trainer Grey



Adjustable Toilet Trainer


Skip Hop

Easy-Store Toilet Trainer


The First Years

Soft Grip Trainer Seat - Gray



The Scouts Motto – always be prepared.

True, but sometimes accidents happen. One thing is for sure, once you’ve ditched the diapers you don’t want to be caught without a potty in your toddler’s time of need.

Allow us to introduce you to My Carry Potty! It’s lightweight, leakproof and uses a convenient bag-free system. Each adorable animal potty has a watertight seal that allows you the convenience of waiting until you get home to clean it out.

Other on-the-go options? OXO tot has created an on-the-go potty that can be used standalone with disposable bags, or as potty seat to use in a public restroom or at Grandma’s house.

Don’t forget, you may be out of diapers but you still may want to keep wipes on hand for easy clean-up and to keep that little bum so fresh and so clean.

Oxo Tot

On The Go Potty-Teal


Oxo Tot

On The Go Potty-Navy


Oxo Tot

2-in-1 Go Potty


Step Stool 101

So what else do you need to be successful?

step stool is multipurpose and can be helpful for your morning and evening teeth brushing routine allowing your little one to see themselves in the mirror when brushing or washing up. Your little one will feel like a big kid when they can climb up to the toilet on their own or can reach the sink to wash their hands post-poop. There, we said it.

Baby Bjorn makes a non-slip step stool in coordinating colours to match the pottys that we mentioned above and this OXO Tot step stool has convenient handles on either side so it can be moved from room to room. It gives your little one a 7” boost and the confidence that will eventually allow them to take on the bathroom alone. A parent can dream, right?

Speaking of your big kid…

Oxo Tot

Step Stool - Grey


Skip Hop

Double-Up Step Stool - Grey


Training Pants

Nothing says “I’m a big kid” like a quality pair of training pants.

Once your child has got the hang of things, you’ll be ready to introduce them to training pants. These introductory underpants will help them move a little more freely and will act as a reminder to use the potty when the feeling comes. The good news is, they are easy to get up and down for frequent potty breaks but in case of an accident they are made of an absorbent terry cloth fabric that will help to absorb some of the mess.

Zoochini has so many cute little designs with fun characters on the bum – let your little choose their favourite from mermaids to cute little crocodiles.


GroVia My Choice™ Trainer


You've Got This!

There are SO many different approaches to potty training but whatever method you choose remember to be gentle with your little one and with yourself. Each child is so different, but one thing ting is standard across the board with toddlers.

Books will keep them entertained on the potty and stickers will keep them engaged to keep trying.

Good luck!

Judith Little

Snuggle Mama

Boasting a background in Broadcast Journalism, Judith is a talented content creator and the vivacious host of the Snuggle Bugz “40 Weeks to Forever” podcast. Being the youngest of six kids, a busy family has always been at the core of her life — a tradition she continues as the proud mama of two energetic boys. Judith is a vital member of the Snuggle Bugz team, who passionately offers support, encouragement, and guidance to others navigating the adventure of parenthood.  


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