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Nanit Pro Baby Monitor & Wall Mount Review

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If you’re a soon-to-be parent, you may have heard that once baby arrives, a good night’s sleep is much like our prehistoric dinosaur friends — sadly, gone forever. While after a few weeks (or months) of little to no rest, you may feel like ancient and extinct species, the Nanit Pro Baby Monitor & Wall Mount is here to help.

Being set up for sleep success is key, not only with your baby’s sleep environment but with the technology you use to monitor and track their sleep as well — that’s where Nanit comes in. This Pro camera features 1920x1080 pixel resolution or 1080p HD Video to monitor baby. This is a significant upgrade from Nanit's previous model, which allows for a drastically improved night vision experience. 

This model also has an improved ambient light sensor that allows for smoother transitions between day and night modes within the Nanit app.

Video Review

There's an App for That

These days, there’s an app for almost anything you can imagine, including your baby monitor. You no longer need to carry a handheld monitor device around; you already have one in your pocket — it’s called a smartphone for a reason ;).

Not only will you be able to view your baby on the Nanit app, but you can also do so much more to ensure your sweet baby is resting peacefully.

Let’s break down some of the amazing features of the Nanit Pro Baby Monitor & Wall Mount!

Bird's Eye View

Thanks to the specially measured wall mount, Nanit offers parents a full bird’s eye view of their baby’s crib.

The Nanit Pro Baby Monitor & Wall Mount comes with everything you need (including a measuring tape, screws, and a level built into the wall bracket) to mount your camera at the perfect height so you can see an unobstructed view of baby, all the time.

You’ll also get the convenience of two-way audio, so baby can hear you too when needed. Of course, Nanit doesn’t expect you to prohibit the use of your phone while using the app (*cough, that’s our modern-day lifeline). Thankfully, you can enable the background audio, so you can still hear baby even when using other apps or when your screen is turned off.


Real-time sound and motion notifications will alert you when baby is crying or moving around.

Adjustable sensitivity controls allow you to determine if you want to be notified of every little pip and peep, or just the big ones! Not only that, but you can also monitor the temperature and humidity in the room to ensure you’ve got the optimal conditions for good sleep.

Nanit will also monitor your little one’s breathing with the addition of any of the Nanit Breathing Wear items. Your Pro Camera comes with one breathing band, but you can also purchase a swaddlesleeping bag, pyjamas, and crib sheets.

Sleep Suggestions

Not only can you monitor your baby while they sleep, but Nanit Insights will provide you with valuable information, such as sleep tracking stats as well as guidance and science-backed sleep tips from leading experts.

Like a night nurse, Nanit works while you sleep. Each morning you will receive information on how often your little one woke up, how long they slept, when they had a visitor, or the duration they were away from their crib.

When you purchase the Pro Camera, you get one year of sleep tracking and video history in the app. Afterwards, you can continue your enhanced experience through one of three of Nanit’s Insights plans.


With Nanit, you’ll know your baby is safe and secure in their nursery without having to tiptoe in their room to take a peek (and risk waking them). You can also feel peace of mind knowing the Nanit app is safe and secure to use too, using multi-factor authentication and encryption.

We also love that you can add additional users to look in on baby. You can provide access to your nanny, family members, or other caretakers of your choosing — plus, you have the ability to determine what each user can see or do. In addition, Nanit has thought about the safety of the unit itself, as the mount has a safe cable management system to ensure your little one doesn’t get tangled up.

Love at First Snooze

The Nanit Pro Baby Monitor & Wall Mount has amazing features you’re sure to love.

This baby monitor even has a built-in nightlight that emits a warm glow and is fully customizable with the Nanit app!

The Nanit Pro is also available in 4 different colour options: White, Black, Midnight Blue, and Silver, so you're sure to find the perfect option to go with your nursery's decor.

With everything this monitor offers, all you’ll need to do is snap a pic and admire how adorable your little one looks as they drift off to dreamland! Oh wait, we almost forgot to mention — Nanit has that covered too! You can snap a pic directly from the monitor camera without having to sneak into your baby’s room and take one yourself!

The Nanit Pro Baby Monitor & Wall Mount really does have it all. So now, both baby and you can rest easy. Zzz