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Nuna ZAAZ High Chair Review

Judith Little | | Comments 0

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You know and love Nuna for their sleek and modern baby gear, but did you know that they have a high chair in their line-up? It’s true!

The Nuna ZAAZ High Chair was one of the first products to become available here in Canada so, today, we are sharing with you 3 things that we absolutely love about this sleek and versatile high chair.

Sleek & Thoughtful Design

The Nuna ZAAZ has a sleek and modern aesthetic just like all the other Nuna products that you know and love [name a prettier convertible car seat than the RAVA, we’ll wait.]

Sleek isn’t just a word we are using to describe this chair.
Say it with us...

Easy. To. Clean.

The ZAAZ was designed with no hidden crevasses which means food can no longer play hide and seek in this chair. You can pop the removable tray into the dishwasher, give the chair a wipe, and say goodbye to hunting for hidden cheerios or fishies after snack time. The ZAAZ is currently offered in chestnut or pewter colouring and has been thoughtfully designed to grow with your child – but more on that later. First, let’s discuss how easy the straps are to use and clean with the included Nuna key.

A Magic Key + Removable Straps

The ZAAZ has a magic harness.

Okay, so we added the magic part but once you hear what it can do, you’ll be calling it magical too. The over the shoulder straps mean you don’t have to struggle to squeeze chubby little baby arms through tiny holes to get them strapped in. Just bring the strap from the back of the chair and over the shoulder to connect. Not feeling the 5-point harness for your toddler? The ZAAZ can convert from a 5-point puzzle piece harness into a 3-point lap belt buckle.

How, you wonder?

Simply unlock the straps from the back of the chair using the included Nuna key.

Using this method, you can completely remove the straps whenever they require cleaning—and it’s so easy to do so. This means you can soak your straps after a very messy dinner if required and that, my friends, make this harness magical. 

Wouldn’t you agree?

Grows With Your Child

Weight: 22.1 lbs
Weight capacity: 220 lbs

This chair has the ability to grow with your child using the sliding lift mechanism [located under the footrest] to adjust the height easily and has an insane weight limit of 220 pounds which means no future booster seat purchase is needed. The only other high chair that can compete with that kind of growth allowance is the Stokke Tripp Trapp that is made of beechwood and can hold a 242 lb adult. You can read our full Tripp Trapp Product Review, here.

It has customizable [magic] straps and includes a removable, dishwasher safe tray so you can bring your little one right up to the table once your toddler is ready to have their own special “spot” at the dinner table.

What Do You Think?

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