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BIBS Pacifier Round-Up

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Soothers. Teethers. Binkies. Yup — we’re talking about pacifiers! 

They're like tiny superheroes that swoop in to save the day when your baby needs some extra comforting. One of our top parent-favourite brands is BIBS pacifiers! With their classic round design and a touch of flair, BIBS pacifiers are like the James Bond of soothers — stylish and effective. Plus, they're made from high-quality materials that are 100% BPA-free, ensuring that your little one stays safe and satisfied. 

So, why settle for a lesser soother? Keep reading to find out all about the different BIBS pacifiers your baby can enjoy through their early years. 

Who is BIBS? 

BIBS is not your ordinary pacifier brand. In fact, they’re a company driven by a deep understanding of what both babies and parents need!  

With a rich history dating back to the 1970s, BIBS has been crafting pacifiers that prioritize functionality, safety, and style. What sets them apart is their commitment to using only the highest quality materials, ensuring that their pacifiers are free from harmful substances like BPA, PVC, and phthalates.  

They take pride in their Danish design heritage, with a focus on simplicity, elegance, and timeless appeal. BIBS pacifiers feature a classic round shape, designed to mimic a mother's breast and provide your little one with a soothing and natural experience. Available in an array of colours, these pacifiers allow parents to find the perfect match for their little ones' personalities. Simply put, BIBS is a brand you can trust to deliver exceptional quality and design when it comes to your baby’s binky! 

Natural Rubber Pacifier Combo - 2 Pack


De Lux Natural Rubber Latex Pacifier - 2 Pack


The Little Differences

BIBS produces over 1,000 pacifier variations. So what’s the big difference? Interestingly enough, there’s quite a range! Here’s what you should take into account when purchasing your child’s pacifier: 

  • Size Matters: Pacifiers come in different sizes to accommodate your baby's age and mouth development. Newborn pacifiers are smaller and designed for infants up to six months old. As your baby grows, you can switch to larger sizes (6 to 18 months and 18+ months) to ensure a comfortable fit and proper sucking reflex. 
  • Shape it Up: Pacifiers also vary in shape, and choosing the right one can make a difference in your baby's comfort. Orthodontic pacifiers have a flat bottom and a rounded top that mimics the shape of a mother's nipple during breastfeeding. These pacifiers promote proper oral development and reduce the risk of dental problems. 
  • Materials: Pacifiers are typically made of either latex or silicone. Latex pacifiers are softer and more flexible, but they can cause allergies in some babies. Silicone pacifiers are firmer, more durable, and hypoallergenic, making them a popular choice for many parents. It's important to check the pacifier for any signs of wear and tear regularly and replace it if needed. 
  • Ventilation: Some pacifiers feature ventilation holes on the shield, which allow air to circulate and prevent skin irritation. These holes also help to minimize saliva buildup and keep your baby's skin dry and healthy. Look for pacifiers with this feature, especially if your little one is prone to drooling. 
  • Safety First: When choosing a pacifier, always prioritize safety. It’s best to opt for one-piece designs and get the proper size to minimize the risk of choking. It’s also important to ensure the pacifier is securely attached to the shield and there are no loose parts. Additionally, be aware that pacifiers with decorative attachments or clips may pose a choking risk as well. 

Remember, every baby is unique, and what works for one might not work for another. Therefore, it’s essential that you observe your baby's comfort and preference when selecting a pacifier. Consulting with your pediatrician can also provide valuable guidance in choosing the right pacifier for your little one. 



Pacifier De Lux Latex - 2 Pack


De Lux Silicone Natural Pacifier - 2 Pack


Couture Latex Pacifiers - 2 Pack


BIBS Pacifier Round-Up

Natural Rubber Colour (2-Pack): 
The classic soother we all know and love, this model comes in 3 different sizes and features a classic round nipple shape that mimics a mother's breast. With a range of vibrant colours to choose from, these pacifiers not only calm your baby but also add a trendy touch. BIBS also makes a convenient nighttime model, the Glow In The Dark Natural Rubber (2-Pack), so baby can find their BIB if they lose it at night.

Natural Rubber Pacifier Combo (2-Pack): 
While this combo is similar to their classic model, it comes in 3 distinct nipple shapes (round, anatomical, and symmetrical) for use between the ages of 0 and 36 months. Of note, be sure to double-check the colour you want, as not all of them are offered in multiple shapes and sizes. 

De Lux Natural Rubber Latex (2-Pack): 
The De Lux is an upgraded design of the BIBS classic pacifier, with reversed ventilation holes (now two on top, one on bottom), and a thinner ring. It comes in a large assortment of colours as well as glow-in-the-dark options. A similar model, the Pacifier De Lux Latex (2-Pack), gives you extra colour options as well. 

De Lux Silicone Natural Rubber (2-Pack): 
BIBS offers the De Lux with a silicone nipple as well. This is a great option for children who are sensitive or allergic to latex, or if you’re looking for a more durable nipple that holds its shape for longer. 

Boheme Natural Rubber (2-Pack): 
If you’re a hipster parent, you’re gonna love the Boheme! Inspired by modern bohemian style, this eye-catching pacifier comes with a round, rubber latex nipple from proper tongue placement and sucking technique.  

Couture Latex (2-Pack): 
Resembling a butterfly is the creative Couture pacifier. Available in 2 sizes, it comes with an anatomically shaped latex nipple for proper jaw and gum development, and it allows for optimal airflow around your baby’s mouth. 

Silicone Supreme: 
Another butterfly-designed binky, this one has a long-lasting, flat silicone nipple that encourages proper jaw development and minimizes pressure on little teeth. For the latex version, you can grab the Latex Supreme model. Of note, these pacifiers are sold as singles. 

Try It Collection: 
If you’re not quite sure which pacifier would be best (or most comfortable) for your little one, you can grab this multi-pack set. It comes with 4 different pacifiers with a mixture of all 3 nipple shapes and offers both latex and silicone options. 


Latex Supreme Pacifiers


BIBS for Your Kids

When it comes to pacifiers, BIBS stands out as a trusted brand for several reasons. Their classic round design provides comfort for your little one, and their high-quality materials are 100% BPA-free, ensuring your child's safety. They also offer multiple shapes and materials, as well as a stunning array of fashionable colours, allowing you to find the perfect pacifier to match your baby's personality.  

If that wasn’t enough, BIBS also offers a Paci Braid clip to keep their pacifiers from falling to the floor and requiring multiple daily sterilizations (the struggle is real)! With BIBS, you can have peace of mind knowing that you're choosing a pacifier that combines style, comfort, and safety, making it an excellent choice for soothing your little one.