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Top Must-Have Accessories for Your UPPAbaby Cruz V2 Stroller

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The Cruz V2 Stroller from UPPAbaby is already a fantastic choice for your little one's comfort and convenience. We even have a full product review breaking down just how amazing it is!  

 But did you know that the right accessories can take it to the next level?  

 From bassinet add-ons to seating enhancements and practical bags, these accessories provide a wide range of benefits, making your stroller even more versatile and enjoyable!  

 Whether you're looking to add extra storage, protect your child from the elements, or enhance the overall functionality, UPPAbaby’s got it all. Keep reading to discover every way you can transform your Cruz V2 into the ultimate travel companion for you and your little adventurer. 

 Bassinet for Baby 

For your baby’s early months, the Cruz V2 Bassinet is a must-have item. Designed with the utmost care, the bassinet provides a cozy and safe space for your newborn to lay flat during outings. For convenience, you can pick up the Bassinet Stand to go along with it. It’s a sturdy and stylish base that allows you to use the bassinet as a standalone sleeping solution at home or while travelling.  

To keep your child’s sleep environment clean and hygienic, the Bassinet Mattress Cover is a fantastic choice, offering a soft and machine-washable layer of protection. Lastly, ensure your baby stays dry and shielded from the elements with the Bassinet Rain Shield, which fits securely over their sleep space and provides a clear and waterproof barrier. Napping on the go has never been better! 


Bassinet Stand



Bassinet Mattress Cover



Bassinet Rain Shield



Snazzy Seating 

Enhancing the comfort and versatility of the Cruz V2 is easy with these essential seating accessories! 

For newborns, the Infant SnugSeat is a great addition, offering optimal support and comfort until they are big enough to sit in the stroller’s toddler seat. To learn more, read our full in-depth review, here.

Next up is the
Reversible Seat Liner, a stylish and practical addition that adds a pop of colour while providing an extra layer of cushioning for your little one’s bottom.  

As the weather gets cooler, the Cozy Ganoosh Footmuff's luxurious sherpa lining keeps your baby snug and warm, ensuring comfortable strolls even on chilly days.  

Finally, with car seat adapters, you can transform your Cruz V2 into an instant travel system. Compatible with Maxi-Cosi, Nuna, and Cybex car seats, these adapters allow for seamless transitions moving your child from the car to their stroller, providing maximum convenience for parents on the go! Additionally, UPPAbaby offers a Chicco adapter for Chicco car seats 


Infant SnugSeat



Vista/Cruz/V2 Upper Adapter - Maxi-Cosi, Nuna, Cybex


On the Road Essentials 

Having the proper bags and portable storage will keep you prepared for anything on your adventures. 

The Carry-All Parent Organizer is a vital accessory for keeping all your essentials within easy reach. With multiple compartments and a spacious design, it's perfect for stashing your keys, phone, snacks, and more! UPPAbaby’s Changing Backpack is a true multitasker, offering ample storage space for diapers, wipes, and baby essentials, while also functioning as a stylish backpack for parents.  

When it's time to hit the road, the Rumbleseat & Bassinet Travel Bag ensures the safe and secure transport of your additional seating options, providing peace of mind on the go. Of course, don’t forget the TravelSafe Travel Bag for the stroller itself! Designed to protect your Cruz V2, this durable bag ensures your stroller stays clean and intact while travelling or storing it away. 


Carry-All Parent Stroller Organizer



Rumble Seat & Bassinet Travel Bag



Vista/Vista V2/Cruz/Cruz V2 TravelSafe Travel Bag


Convenient Add-Ons 

Convenience, protection, and comfort. Yes, please! 

The Piggyback Ride-Along Board is a creative attachment that allows an older sibling to hitch a fun ride on the back of the Cruz V2 — no more tired little legs! Next up is the Rain Shield — a must-have for unpredictable weather. Designed for optimal coverage, it shields your child from rain, wind, and even harsh sun rays, ensuring a dry and comfortable ride at all times.  

Hangry baby? Never fear, the Cruz Snack Tray is here to help! This tray provides a convenient surface for your child to enjoy their favourite treats while you push them along. We also can’t forget about the Cup Holder, which keeps your beverage within easy reach, ensuring you stay hydrated and alert during your adventures. As bonus items, the Cozy Knit Blanket adds a layer of warmth and comfort for your little one, while the Storage Basket Cover keeps your belongings under the seat secure and protected.  


Cruz V2 PiggyBack Ride Along Board



Performance Rain Shield - Vista/Vista V2 & Cruz/Cruz V2



Vista/Cruz Child Snack Tray



Cup Holder - 2015+ Vista/Cruz/Minu


Cruisin' With the Cruz V2 

As you can see, there are plenty of accessories for the Cruz V2 to enhance your strolling experience. These options round out an already well-rounded stroller, ensuring comfort, functionality, and peace of mind when out with your little one. Offering a cozy and worry-free bassinet experience, a ride-along board for an extra passenger, and the ability to turn it into a true travel system with your infant car seat, your UPPAbaby Cruz V2 stroller is ready for anything. For more information about the UPPAbaby Cruz V2 stroller, check out our Cruz V2 Review.