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UPPAbaby Vista V2 vs. Baby Jogger City Select 2 Strollers

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The UPPAbaby Vista and Baby Jogger City Select strollers have been two friend favourites for as long as we can remember. Both brands have been hard at work over the last few years, revamping features, functions, and perfecting their stroller designs.

So today, we are going to put the UPPAbaby Vista V2 and the Baby Jogger City Select 2 ECO head-to-head to compare everything from fashions to the frame. Consider this a friendly feature comparison to help you on your hunt to find the perfect stroller for your family.

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VISTA V2: Weight: 27 lbs
CITY SELECT 2 ECO: Weight: 26.71 lbs

Both the Vista V2 and the City Select 2 ECO are considered full size expandable strollers and both are pretty on par when it comes to their overall weight. The difference in size you’ll find is more in the fold as the Baby Jogger City Select 2 can fold down 20% smaller than the UPPAbaby Vista V2.

Weight Limit

VISTA V2: Weight Limit: 50 lbs
 CITY SELECT 2 ECO: Weight Limit: 45 lbs

We love that the Vista V2 has an impressive weight limit of 50 lbs – an extra 5 lbs means a lot once your babe grows and hits the late toddler stage. Depending on your family planning timeline the actual weight limit on the second seat may sway your decision, so let's touch on that!

Second Seat

VISTA V2: Second Seat Weight Limit: 35 lbs
CITY SELECT 2 ECO: Second Seat Weight Limit: 45 lbs

Here is where you will start to see some differentiation in these strollers.

You’ll love that the City Select 2 ECO weight limits in the first and second seat are essentially the EXACT same and can both hold 45 lbs. An equal weight limit per seat is an especially great feature if you are expecting twins.

The Vista V2 may be able to hold more in seat #1 but the seat weight limits are not the same! The second seat on the Vista V2 can only hold 35 lbs. Additionally, this extra seat doesn’t have the same capability as the RumbleSeat that was included with your purchase – like an adjustable calf-rest.


VISTA V2: Harness: Five-point, no-rethread harness
CITY SELECT 2 ECO: Harness: Five-point harness

The no-rethread harness on the Vista V2 was upgraded back in 2020 and it is a game-changer! The City Select 2 ECO does offer lots of room for your child to grow into the seat, but you’ll need to adjust the harness via the back of the seat as you “grow” along.


  • Handlebar: Telescopic with 4 heights, full-grain leather details
  • Highest Height: 42”
  • Lowest Height: 39”
  • Handlebar: Telescopic with 3 heights, leatherette details
  • Highest Height: 42”
  • Lowest Height: 40”

Both have similar looking handlebars that can extend based on the height of the parent or caregiver who is pushing. The Vista V2 boasts full-grain leather details on the handlebar [and belly bar] and has 4 heights to choose from. The City Select 2 has a perforated leatherette grip cover on both the handlebar and the belly bar.

*We measured the lowest part of the handlebar to get these measurements.


  • Wheels: 11.5″ rear wheels and 8″ front wheels – front wheel locks with visual indicators
  • Wheels: 11.5” rear wheels and 8″ front wheels

You'll never be stranded with a flat tire with these strollers as they are both “forever filled” or foam-filled which means they won't burst or pop under pressure. Both sets of wheels measure in at the exact same size, however, the Vista V2 has lockable front wheels that can help you power through sand and snow. The front wheels on the City Select 2 cannot be locked.


VISTA V2: All-wheel suspension
 CITY SELECT 2 ECO: Front-wheel suspension

The UPPAbaby Vista V2 now has enhanced all-wheel suspension and independent shocks to ensure your child has a smooth and comfortable ride wherever you go! The Baby Jogger City Select 2 has front-wheel suspension only.


  • Canopy: Extendable and height-adjustable canopy with UPF 50+ protection, zip-out fabric and x2 mesh panels
  • Canopy: Extendable UPF 50+ canopy with soft close magnetic peekaboo window

Okay, you know we love a good canopy as it's the true test of how a stroller will not only stand the test of time [we are referring to dirty sticky hands and sand thrown at the park in toddlerhood], but also how much sun protection you will get.

The Vista V2 has a zip-out canopy to offer extra coverage to the rider. We love that you can just flip up the fabric on the top of it to expose 1 of 2 built-in mesh panels [no toggle to fiddle with to keep it exposed] – there is nothing quite like a nice breeze in the warm summer months to keep baby napping happily while on the go.

The City Select 2 ECO has special Tencel fabrics throughout including the canopy – you can read more about Baby Jogger's ECO Collection Tencel fabric HERE! The Select 2 also boasts the same UPF 50+ coverage, and a single large ventilation panel that can easily be held open with an elastic toggle.


VISTA V2: 30 lbs capacity
CITY SELECT 2 ECO: 15 lbs capacity

Nothing like a big ole’ basket to hold all of the things. You can easily do a basic grocery shop in the basket of your Vista V2 [we tried it once at Costco] with its impressive 30 lbs weight capacity. The City Select 2 can hold half as much – but the basket still looks quite big to us!

Note: The City Select 2 does boast a convenient storage pocket on the back of the seat for some extra things and odds and ends.


VISTA V2: Sleep safe bassinet included
CITY SELECT 2 ECO: No bassinet option

Hush little baby!

Parents can all agree that in the early days it's not only convenient to have a sleep safe bassinet for baby to snooze in – but kind of a necessity to get out and about for some needed fresh air between feeds. The included bassinet on the Vista V2 allows you to stroll safely with baby in the early days while also letting them nap on-the-go. Babies do sleep a lot – but it is important not to have them sleeping in their car seat for extended periods, which is what makes this bassinet inclusion so great! We also love that you can easily pop the bassinet on and go!

Ready to Roll!

Trust us – we know that one of the most important decisions a new parent will face is choosing, and purchasing, a stroller for their new little bundle of joy.

We want you to feel confident as ever in your search for the right fit which is why at Snuggle Bugz, we encourage you to stop by any of our locations to meet our stroller line-up in person, and even take your fave picks for a walk around the block. 

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