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Top Accessories for your Baby Jogger City Select 2 Stroller

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I know what you Baby Jogger City Select 2 owners must be thinking, how can a stroller this compact and convenient possibly get better? Well, these must-have accessories will make you fall in love with your stroller all over again! Pick up a few of these versatile add-ons to make your busy lifestyle a breeze.

If you haven’t quite made a final decision on which stroller is best for your family, read more about all the versatile ways the City Select 2 can be adapted to meet your needs.

All Aboard

The City Select 2 is the perfect stroller for parents with multiple children. If you have more than one child (or another little one on the way) you can pick up the Baby Jogger City Select 2 Second Seat Kit to transform your single stroller into a double! The addition of a second seat is a total game changer and will ultimately save you from having to purchase an all-new stroller to accommodate your growing family.

The kit comes with mounting brackets that are easy to use and secure the additional seat onto your stroller safely. It even comes with an adjustable shade cover and a seat that can be adjusted, tilted, or rotated for your child’s comfort. The second seat is a twin to the toddler seat provided with the stroller, so all riders will have plenty of room to grow.

If your “little one” is not so little anymore, another great accessory for your City Select 2 is the Baby Jogger Glider Board. Easily attachable and foldable when not in use, this extra set of wheels sits on the back of the stroller and is a fun way to get your fussy toddler to join the ride.

When used with the second seat attachment, the glider board gives you the option to juggle three kids and their varying needs at once.

Another handy accessory to keep on hand for rainy days is the Baby Jogger Weather Shield. This cover fits over the seat to ensure your precious cargo stays dry and protected from the wind.

Baby Jogger

City Select 2 Stroller


Baby Jogger

City Select 2 Second Seat Kit


Baby Jogger

Weather Shield - City Select/LUX Seat


Baby Jogger

Glider Board (2019)


The Easier Way to Travel

Busy parents are always on the go, thankfully with the right products, there’s no need to slow down.

With the Baby Jogger City GO Infant Car Seat your stroller can transform seamlessly into the perfect travel system. This infant seat can move directly from your car and clicked flawlessly into your stroller (with an adapter), so you don’t have to transfer your child from seat to seat with a fuss.

Fully equipped with a 5-point safety harness, an infant body insert (that can be removed as your baby grows), and an adjustable base to ensure a level install in different vehicles, this car seat has top-of-the-line safety features you’ll love. The seat also features a European-style belt path that allows the car seat to be installed safely in vehicles without a base. This makes the City GO perfect for travelling, as it can be used in an uber or taxi in a snap. The car seat also features an extendable UV 50+ canopy that will keep babe out of the sun while you’re out exploring

To attach the City GO to the City Select 2 Stoller you will need to use an adapter. If you want to install the car seat in the lower position of the stroller, you will need to pick up a separate adapter. These car seat adapters can remain attached to your stroller even when folded, so you don’t need to go through the hassle of putting them on and off between uses.

The City Select 2 Stroller can also be used with several other car seats. Check out the full range of adapters to see if your seat is compatible.

Sleep Tight

Just when you thought there couldn’t possibly be any more ways for this stroller to transform into something new, the City Select 2 Deluxe Pram enters the chat.

Featuring a plush mattress and quilted interior, this pram offers your baby the ultimate ride. Fully shielding babe from sun, wind, and rain — nothing is getting through the exterior of this pram except fresh air, courtesy of the well-thought-out air circulation design.

This pram is a great add-on for those with newborns, as it allows baby to lie completely flat — perfect for snoozing safely on long adventures.

Baby Jogger

City GO Infant Car Seat


Baby Jogger

City Select/LUX Car Seat Adapter - City GO/Graco


Baby Jogger

Select 2 Second Seat Stroller Adaptors


Baby Jogger

City Select 2 Deluxe Pram - Prime Black


Storage for Two

Saving the best for last, because honestly, as a parent, is there anything better than storage? The City Select 2 Stroller Parent Console is the perfect addition to the handlebars of your stroller. It gives you not one but two cup holder options, as well as a large pocket to hold all your essential items, so you don’t need to focus on anything other than pushing your stroller and enjoying your morning cup of coffee (or two…we’re not here to judge).

Of course, the gift of storage and a cupholder also extends to the riders of the stroller. The City Select Child Tray is an excellent accessory to hold all your child’s snacks and drink where they can reach them. Bonus points: it’s super easy to clean and detach, so you can move your child in and out of the stroller without stress.

Baby Jogger

City Select 2 Stroller


Baby Jogger

City Select Child Tray


Baby Jogger

City Select 2 Stroller Parent Console


Super-Size Your Storage

This shape-shifting stroller truly does do it all... from growing with your family to transforming into a travel system and portable nursery, the options are limitless. Get your Baby Jogger City Select 2 Stroller accessories to customize the way you travel and keep baby comfy and safe on the go.

For those of you who haven't purchased the City Select 2 yet and want a few more bells and whistles, you may also want to check out the City Select 2 Eco. This is the upgraded version of the City Select 2 and features upgraded premium TENCEL fabrics on the canopy and seat, leather detailing on the handlebar, and belly bar (which is included on the Eco but sold separately on the City Select 2).

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