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As its name says, night-night kisses card game is played before bedtime, when parents are trying to get their little ones to bed. Both girls and boys from 3 to 6 years of age can play this game by doing many activities that cards ask them to do. After singing songs, laughing and having fun, kids can peacefully fall asleep.

The player takes out all the contents of the box and puts back in the bottom of the box one of the 2 characters (of his choice) on the mattress, side "awake" with his eyes open. Shuffle the cards well and give the pile to the player, face down. The player turns them over one by one, in front of him. The cards he turns over are kisses, little songs and other tickles that he will receive later!

The game is won when the "pillow" card, the "sheet" card and the "blanket" card are placed in the right place. The player gives the leader all his won cards. The leader turns them over one by one and offers kisses, tickles, and will sing songs according to the cards obtained . When the pile of earned cards is exhausted, the "child" card is turned over to his bed (the "sleeping" side), and good night is wished before going to bed!

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