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The 3-pack is one of the basics that every parent needs as their child begins to eat pureed foods like apple-sauce and yogurts. Open your EZ Squeezees pouch, rest it on the gusset and you have hands free filling- we know how an extra hand can mean the world when you have a small child. Now with a new large safety cap for the smallest of children to use.

EZ Squeezees are reusable feeding pouches. Their patent pending design has a side gusset which expands that allows for it to hold up to 6.5 oz (192ml) of puree and stand alone while filling. EZ Squeezees are made of 4 layers: a baby bottle-type material for the outer layer, a inner aluminum foil layer, a food grade nylon layer and an inner food grade coating (which helps with cleaning). They have also been spot tested and 3rd party tested to comply with all safety regulations. EZ Squeezees are freezer safe and users can fill the pouches with large batches of home made recipes. The back allows for a sharpie to write down what is in each pouch before storing. The large zippered opening not only allows for easy filling, but it also allows for effective cleaning in the dishwasher. While others will say "dishwasher safe" they cannot get the water to get inside the pouch to clean it because of such a small opening.

EZ Squeezees can be used at least 15 times each (although many use them 25-30 times). Each EZ Squeezees pouch holds 6.5oz vs 3.2oz pre-filled pouches, so with 45 uses per 3-pack of EZ Squeezees, one 3-pack can save at least 90 of the typical 3.2oz pre-filled pouches from being tossed into landfills.

Item Weight 0.2oz
Product Dimensions 4.2 x 6.2 inches



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