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The Lorena Canals Tribu Natural Washable Area Rug is part of Lorena Canals' RE-EDITION Collection. This Collection reinvents her classic best-sellers presenting them in 5 earthy colour tones. The pieces in this collection are warm and easy to combine with other pieces within the same collection, integrating rich textures and subtle colours of nature. As per her usual love for nature, this Lorena Canals Tribu Natural Washable Area Rug in its natural beige colour tone represents earth and has the ability to transport you into nature. Thanks to its versatility, its elegance and the warmth it brings to any room, the Re-edition collection perfectly represents Lorena's commitment to the environment, designing products that are eco-friendly, kid-friendly and suitable for any home. Every Lorena Canals rug is hand made using 100% cotton and is completely machine washable. Your child can now live and play freely on their rug knowing that it will not get ruined. And because cotton is a natural material, it offers a soft and comfortable padding for those tired hands and feet after a full day of play and work.

Size: Medium


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