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This Tender Leaf Woodland Animals with Display Shelf wooden set is a unique toy that any child would love to have. The durable long-lasting woodland forest animal set makes a beautiful addition to any playroom and is a high-quality piece that can be treasured by many generations! Add this adorable animal playset to your child’s toy collection. It’s the perfect size for children to play with at home, take to Grandma’s house, or bring along to keep them happy during a car ride. There are endless ways to play with these small wooden figurines, from puppet shows to dollhouses to fitting snugly in pockets for adventures on the go! This charming little set includes a whole parade of animals nested deep in the forest, including the hopping bunny, mischievous fox, gentle deer, quick hare, fun little hedgehog who is ambling along, nut collecting squirrel, sly weasel, and cuddly raccoon.

Tender Leaf cares deeply about the planet and it’s dwindling resources and so they only use Indonesian legal rubberwood which is a by-product of the rubber industry. Rubberwood is an economic and eco-friendly wood and the Indonesian Government is committed to replanting the Rubberwood plantations as part of their growing economy. The production of latex becomes uneconomical once the trees have reached the grand age of about 25 years and traditionally were felled and burned, but under an Indonesian legal wood incentive, they take that timber, and turn it into beautiful toys. For every tree that is cut down another is planted in its place so ensuring a continuous supply.



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