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Amber Teething Necklace Review

Snuggle Bugz | | Comments 0

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Diaper rash + rosy cheeks + irritability + excessive drooling + chomping on anything that comes close to the face + sleepless nights + fever = teething. Every baby will go through it and although  some don’t even get fazed by it most babies will show some sign that they are getting their first chomper.

Kellan (my 2 yr old) got a high fever and was super irritable while on holidays when he was 6 months old. Typically he is relaxed and easy going so I wasn’t surprised when a little white bud poked through. I am not a huge fan of dosing my kids up with Tylenol/Advil so I did some research and bought an amber teething necklace. I am not going to lie I was a little skeptical…. how can a string of amber beads (that looks cute) actually provide teething relief?! Well it worked! He never was fazed by another tooth coming through again. Magic.

How does it work?

So I am guessing you have some questions about these ‘magic’ amber teething necklaces…

Amber is not a stone or mineral but get this it’s actually fossilized tree ‘juice’…not sap but a thick liquid that turns into a transparent solid that has succinic acid (this is the magic) in it. Amber is a natural pain reliever that has been used for centuries. It warms up against babes skin and releases its healing medicine ‘magic’- a natural anti-inflammatory.  It is also great to help amp up the immune system to fight off other common infections.

Does the 'magic' wear off?

If you take proper care of it - wash it with warm water, take it off when swimming in chlorine pools etc, it will last years. It is 'living' so the magic will not stop working!

Are they safe?

Each bead on the necklace has a knot before and after it - so if a bead does fall off it will only be one. They are small enough that it likely won’t cause choking - you will just get a nice little gift in the next diaper change ;).  The clasp is made out of an amber/plastic screw so if there is enough pressure it will open (unlike a metal clasp). So, like anything it is up to you if you want your babe to sleep with it on. In my opinion they are as safe as necklaces can come but if it makes you feel better why don’t you put it on babes ankle?

Do they chew it?

Nope. No chewing required. I still recommend a good teething ring so babe can take their aggression out on something ;).

Does it matter which colour of necklace I buy?

Like anything natural, no two beads are exactly alike. All of the different colours have the same calming effect so just pick the one that you think is the cutest!

Is it comfy to wear?

Both of my boys have never tugged on it or seemed bothered by it. It is super light-weight and not sharp so I would say ‘yes’ it is very comfy. I bet your little one wouldn’t even know that they are wearing it!

Wishing you all the best on your teething journeys! 
Love always, 
Lydia - A Snuggle Mama

Safety Disclaimer: 
Please do not leave children unattended with their necklace or bracelet as it may present a choking hazard.