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Baby Jogger City GO Infant Seat & City View Convertible Car Seat Review

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Today we're digging in on the Baby Jogger car seat line-up!

If you’ve gone ahead and chosen the Baby Jogger City Select 2 or City Select LUX, it’s a natural next step to turn your stroller into a stroller system by purchasing a set of adapters, and adding the City GO Infant Car Seat on top.

Once your little one has outgrown their infant seat – then you may want to consider the Baby Jogger City View as their “big kid seat”. We love that it can grow with your family from 5-100 lbs as a belt-positioning booster.

Ahh! We're jumping ahead of ourselves as we plan to dig in on BOTH offerings below – let's start with the City GO.


The City GO Infant Car Seat has some convenient features that make it easy to use especially for families on the go. Let’s start with the basics. The car seat weighs 10.65 lbs [the base weighs 6 lbs. if you are curious], and will fit your little one from 4-35 lbs, or 32” – whichever comes first. The City GO comes with an infant insert aka extra padding that you'll want to remove once your little one reaches 6 lbs. PRO TIP: Don’t forget that nugget of info when it comes time to put your 8 lbs baby in the seat at the hospital and they don’t seem to fit – we are telling you this from experience.

To ensure a proper fit for your precious rider you will need to make a few adjustments to your infant seat. The City GO has a no re-thread harness adjuster that allows you to move the headrest and seat straps up or down depending on the size of your little. NOTE: it is located on the back of the seat, not at the top of the headrest like many other car seats. You'll have to take baby out and flip the car seat around to make an adjustment.  The City GO, like many other car seats, includes little shoulder strap covers for added comfort BUT you'll need to remove them if they interfere with your harness clip staying put at armpit level – safety first!

The City GO has a large UPF 50 canopy – we find it to be oversized [in a good way] and the rubber grip on the carry handle is a nice little touch!


A custom fit for baby AND a proper fit in your vehicle are two very important things to assess before you head out on the highway. There are 6 recline positions on the base of the City GO just twist the grey lever on the base to make an adjustment. To ensure the base is level in your vehicle you can refer to the bubble level indicator -- it’s bright green so you can’t miss it! You can attach the base to your vehicle using an easy LATCH install or the integrated belt lock-off.

Let's dig in on the installation next.


Okay, we’ve always said your install is one of the biggest things that can ensure your babe is safe in their seat. The City GO can be installed using the base [we covered that above] via LATCH or the integrated belt lock-off. It’s important to note that this car seat can be installed safely in a vehicle without the base when required. If you plan to vacation with baby or are known to call an Uber to get around, you'll be able to take advantage of what Baby Jogger calls the “Taxi Safe Belt Path”. This method allows you to thread the seatbelt right around the car seat to install it.

Now, when it’s time to remove your car seat from the base to go back inside after a full day of adventuring just pull up on the grey lever on the back of the seat to “unlock” then pull-up.


Next up it's time for your little one to enjoy the view [see what we did there?]

Introducing the City View Convertible Car Seat! There are THREE different ways for your child to ride in the City View and today we are going to explore them all.


Stage 1: Infant rear-facing (5-40 lbs)
Stage 2: Harnessed forward-facing (22-65 lbs)
Stage 3: Belt-positioning booster (40-100 lbs)

The City View is a space-saving-slim convertible car seat at just 17.4” wide. It can be used from birth, but most parents opt to begin using a convertible car seat in rear-facing mode when their little one outgrows their infant bucket seat. As we always preach, the time will vary from child to child as it is based on both weight and height. We ALWAYS recommend keeping your child rear-facing for as long as possible.

Why? The anti-rebound bar protects your child by limiting the rotation in a frontal collision by up to 45% and keeping them safer for longer as they grow and develop trumps everything.


The City View has a no re-thread harness which means no running your manicure when your child has an overnight growth spurt plus, the 10 headrest positions allow for a comfortable and customized ride. Simply grab the grey mechanism at the top of the headrest to pull up or down to get the right position for your rider. Also, bonus points that the colour coded belt paths help to easily guide you during the installation process at stage 1, 2, and 3.


So, are you loving the Baby Jogger Car Seat line-up as much as we are?

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