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Bugaboo Donkey 5 vs. UPPAbaby Vista V2 Stroller

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It’s another head-to-head battle between two of Snuggle Bugz’s giants! Today we’re pitting the Vista V2 Stroller from UPPAbaby against a highly-worthy adversary, Bugaboo’s Donkey 5 Mono Complete Stroller.

The V2 is the successor to UPPAbaby’s outstanding Vista model, which continues to be a best-seller in the stroller market. However, Bugaboo offers its own top-tier baby wheels as well, with the Donkey 5 Mono Stroller garnering accolades across the board.

Both strollers are designed with a mixture of impeccable aesthetics, functional features, premium quality parts, and uncomplicated operation.

In a nutshell, they’re amazing for both parents and babies!

We wanted to pit them against each other to see how much they actually have in common, where they differ, and if one would reign supreme as the superior stroller. Let’s do this!

Video Review

How to Use:


Vista V2:
  • Toddler Seat suitable from 3 months to 50 lbs. 
  • Bassinet suitable from birth, up to 20 lbs, or until infant can push up on hands and knees (whichever comes first) 
  • Folded: 17.3” L x 25.7” W x 33” H 
  • Unfolded: 32.8” L x 25.7” W x 39.5” H 
  • Stroller Weight: Frame + Seat: 27 lbs.
  • Bassinet Weight: 8.8 lbs 
  • Under-Seat Basket Weight Capacity: 30 lbs. 

Donkey 5:
  • Suitable from birth in the bassinet to up to 50 lbs. in the seat 
  • Folded: 35.04” L x 23.62" W x 13.78” H 
  • Unfolded: 33.5"L x 23.6"W x 43.7"H 
  • Stroller Weight: 26.9 lbs. 
  • Mono Mode: 23.65" wide 
  • Duo/Twin Mode: 29.1" wide
  • One-piece fold: 20.42" L x 23.6" W 35.43" H 
  • Two-piece fold: 35.04" L x 23.6" W x 13.78" H 
  • Wheel Size: Front 10” / Rear 12” 
  • Under-seat basket Weight Capacity: 22 lbs.
  • Luggage Basket: 22lbs. 

Both strollers include a stroller frame, a bassinet, and a toddler seat for multiple configurations. The seats can be positioned however your child prefers — in parent-facing mode or world-facing. Parents can also connect a car seat to these strollers (may require adapters), and on top of all that, the V2 and Donkey 5 are expandable to fit two seats at the same time!

You can use the V2 with any of these configurations:
  • Bassinet only 
  • Toddler Seat only 
  • Car Seat only 
  • Bassinet + Toddler Seat 
  • Bassinet + Car Seat 
  • Toddler Seat + Car Seat 
  • 2 Bassinets (requires you purchase a second bassinet)
  • 2 Toddler Seats (requires you to purchase a second toddler seat
  • 2 Car seats 

The Donkey 5 has all the same configurations. However, the main difference is that the V2 seats stack vertically, whereas the Donkey 5’s frame widens horizontally to allow side-by-side seating. This transforms the Donkey 5 from a Mono stroller to a Duo/Twin stroller.

One thing to note is that the lower RumbleSeat on the Vista V2 has a weight capacity of 35 pounds, while both seats on the Donkey 5 have a 50 pound limit.

Aesthetically Speaking

UPPAbaby and Bugaboo each make some beautiful baby products, and these strollers are no exception!

One area where UPPAbaby pulls away is in the colour options offered for the V2, with over 10 choices (compared to 3 colours offered by Bugaboo). Both strollers come with an aluminum or black frame to best complement specific fabrics colours.

Shared Features

As much as these strollers put their own spin on the classic stroller, they still share many similar features:

Whether you’re taking it on the go or simply storing it at home, the V2 and Donkey 5 can both compact down to a smaller size. They’re super easy for parents to collapse and just as easy to deploy once you’re ready to use them again!

Soft fabrics and plush cushioning helps baby rest and relax whenever they’re out and about! Taking this a step further, the Donkey 5 also includes a densely padded harness on their toddler seat, so kids are snug and safe.

Shade is a must for shielding baby’s delicate skin from the sun. Generously-sized canopies are included with UPF 50+ protection and adjustable mesh panels allow for perfect airflow no matter the temperature outside.

The Donkey 5 has all-terrain wheels made out of EVA foam, while the V2’s wheels are similarly constructed (though not technically defined as “all-terrain”) to handle the rugged Canadian landscape in every season.

Each model includes front wheel locks for added stability when operating the stroller during power walks or on rough terrain.

The toddler seat included with these strollers can recline at multiple angles, and baby can even lay flat for an afternoon snooze! Additionally, the seats sit high up for better interactions.

If dual seating isn’t enough, you can attach a board to the stroller and tow along an extra child! Bugaboo offers their Comfort Wheeled Board (adapter sold separately), while the V2 can be used with UPPAbaby’s Piggyback Ride Board.

To combat wet weather, both strollers include a rain cover in the box.

You can turn these into a travel system by adding a car seat onto the stroller frames (may require an adapter).

  • UPPAbaby Mesa V2 (No Adapter Required) 
  • Nuna Pipa / Maxi-Cosi / Cybex Infant Seats (adapter
  • Peg Perego Primo Viaggio Infant Seats (adapter)
  • Chico Keyfit 30 Infant Seats (adapter


The Little Differences

So what are the differences between the Vista V2 and the Donkey 5 Mono?

  • A bug shield
  • Has a no-rethread harness
  • Uses an all-wheel suspension system for a smooth ride
  • Smaller when folded (and easier to fold compact)
  • Holds up to 30 lbs in its incredible under-the-seat basket (this thing is huge) 
  • Canopy is height-adjustable 
  • Has a telescoping arm for when you stack seating 
  • When seating two children, one sits in front of the other 
  • Front seat has a lower weight capacity of 35 pounds 

  • Side-by-side seating. Frame telescopes sideways by 5 inches to accommodate dual seating. 
  • Configuration is great for sibling bonding and easier access to your children 
  • More legroom and recline options for children using the toddler seats -The stroller's width is still slender enough to fit through most door frames (but it won’t fit through all door frames with two car seats) 
  • Side luggage storage basket rests next to the seat/bassinet when in Mono mode and holds 35L of essentials at arm’s reach (no having to bend down). 
  • The stroller also has an under-seat basket that holds 22 lbs.
  • Toddlers seats can both carry 50 lbs. due to better weight distribution
  • Breezy panel on pram (provides ventilation and view for your child)


Bugaboo offers a few accessories and add-ons for the Donkey 5. Of note, the items with an asterisk are included in the Donkey 5 Mono Complete Stroller Set but you’ll need to purchase them separately if doubling up the seating:

Likewise, UPPAbaby offers various accessories for the Vista V2. Items with an asterisk are included with Vista V2 but will have to be separately purchased to seat multiple children:

The Choice Is Yours!

Parents need a reliable and durable stroller for running errands, walking around the block, and exploring new places. The stroller also needs to be easy to operate and supremely comfortable for baby. Both the Vista V2 and Donkey 5 Mono Complete check all of those boxes, plus the added bonus of expandability is a no-brainer for multi-child parents.

Whether one is “better” than the other is a personal preference. The Donkey 5’s tandem side-by-side seating is unique and a great option for parents with twins, but costs an additional $150 to $250 more (depending on the model). The Vista V2 comes variety of colour options and is smaller when folded, but has a lower weight capacity on its lower front seat.

Regardless of which one you choose, you will enjoy top-of-the-line features and a sleek looking stroller that will make rolling into parenthood a whole lot easier.