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Diono Monterey 5iST FixSafe Booster Seat Review

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As our little ones grow out of their convertible car seats, the transition to a booster seat becomes a necessity. Investing in the proper seat for children during the final stage of their car seat journey is crucial, you’ll need one that’s comfortable and offers heightened safety.  

Well, look no further than the fantastic Monterey 5iST FixSafe Booster Car Seat from Diono! 

This expandable seat provides an extra boost, ensuring the vehicle’s seat belt fits safely and securely. It’s also packed to the gills with safety features, offering you peace of mind as your child grows! 

So, join us and we’ll show you why this grow-with-me booster is the next essential step in your child's automotive adventure! 

8 Years, 1 Booster Seat


  • Suitable for children 40 to 120 lbs. or up to 63" tall 
  • Seat Dimensions: 16.1” D x 17.3” W x 24.8” H  
  • Seat Dimensions (Folded): 8.7” D x 17.3” W x 23.6” H 
  • Seat Weight: 18.7 lbs. 

Designed for little sidekicks weighing 40 to 120 lbs., this mighty booster will fit seamlessly into your backseat! While it's a slightly heavy seat at 18.7 lbs., it's still light enough to handle and take wherever you go. With an 85% expansion rate, this ergonomically contoured seat offers an impressive 8-year lifespan, so you’ll never need to upgrade it.

Safe+ Engineered 

The Monterey 5iST packs a punch with its impressive Safe+ features, ensuring your little one is cocooned in a fortress of protection on every journey! 

Energy Absorbing Shell: Crafted from advanced energy-absorbing materials, the shell acts as a shield, absorbing impact energy and providing an extra layer of defense. 

Airflow Technology: No more sweaty backs on summer road trips! The ventilated sidewalls keep things breezy, ensuring optimal airflow for our mini travellers. 

Side Impact Protection: Eight layers of SIP are like a safety hug, enveloping your precious passenger from all sides and angles. 

LATCH: Installing the seat is a breeze with rigid LATCH connectors that ensure a secure and straightforward installation every time. 

Secure Belt Lock: This feature guarantees the adult seat belt is always routed correctly, providing an additional layer of assurance. 

Secure Belt Guides: No more belt mishaps! These guides ensure that seat belts are properly positioned and not misused, giving us peace of mind on every journey.  

Tried & Tested 

If their included Safe+ features weren’t enough, Diono takes it a step further and ensures the Monterey 5iST exceeds industry standards through rigorous testing. This seat has undergone extensive examinations, including rollover tests, side impact trials, and even double impact crash force evaluations. Rear impact testing adds an extra layer of assurance, proving that this booster is a stalwart defender against the unexpected! 

Fantastic Features 

The 5iST isn't just a safety powerhouse; it's also a ride of convenience, designed to simplify on-the-go parenting: 

Easy Fold: You can seamlessly transition from a compact fold to a full-size booster seat in seconds. Take it with you using the integrated carry handles or straps (you can wear it like a backpack!), which makes it perfect for planes, Ubers, or secondary vehicles. 

One-Hand Adjust: The 12-position headrest and backrest grow with your child, adapting to their changing needs with a simple one-hand adjustment, ensuring a comfortable fit for years. 

Removable Cup Holder: Keep your big kid's drink within reach with the accompanying cup holder, minimizing spills and adding a touch of convenience. 

Soft Fabrics: Luxurious comfort meets practicality with contoured premium soft fabrics and layered foam padding. Easily removable for machine washing, maintaining freshness and cleanliness! 

Colourful Options: Choose the Monterey 5iST that suits your style — available in several stylish options. Your little one travels in comfort and style with this versatile and fashionable booster seat! 

Awesome Add-Ons 

Diono offers a variety of add-ons that perfectly complement the Monterey 5iST, making every adventure in the backseat fun for kids while minimizing the mess for mom and dad. 

Their Ultra Mat Car Seat Protector covers your entire vehicle seat, providing a protective shield against spills and stains. 

Want to prevent dirty little feet from muddying up your front seats? Enter the Stuff ‘n Scuff, a washable, waterproof fabric that easily fastens around any headrest and offers back-of-the-seat protection.  

Additionally, the Stow ‘n Go XL Car Organizer offers a ton of room for everyday essentials with its 10 multi-use utility pockets, elevating your organization game!


Stow 'n Go XL Car Organizer



Ultra Mat Car Seat Protector


The Mighty Monterey 

The Monterey 5iST FixSafe Booster Car Seat from Diono is the superhero booster seat you and your child deserve. This booster grows with your little boo, providing a reliable travel companion for a remarkable eight years!  

Beyond its robust Safe+ features and rigorous testing, the Monterey 5iST flaunts a suite of fantastic conveniences, stylish looks, and the option to accessorize. We highly recommend considering the Monterey 5iST as your new sidekick on the road to stress-free outings! 

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