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Maxi-Cosi Magellan LiftFit All-in-One Convertible Car Seat Review

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The journey of a thousand miles begins with your baby’s first car seat 

From infant seats and convertibles to boosters, making sure your child has the proper support in the car can add up quickly. But what if instead of purchasing multiple car seats throughout their childhood, you could buy one all-in-one seat that can support your child from birth to up to 10 years old? 

The best baby gear grows with your child, that’s why we love the Magellan LiftFit All-in-One Convertible Car Seat by Maxi-Cosi. Able to adapt to your child’s needs from newborn up to 100 pounds, this car seat has you covered for an entire decade of car rides. 

Local runs to the store, driving across town for a play date, or even a trip across the country, this all-in-one car seat will keep your child secure and comfy so they can enjoy the ride no matter where they go.  

Let’s explore the features that make this car seat a great investment for new parents.

Grow with Me 


  • Rear-facing Mode: 5 to 40 lbs. and under 40" high  
  • Forward-facing Mode: 22 to 65 lbs. and 29 to 49" high  
  • Booster Mode: 40 to 100 lbs. and 43 to 52” high  
  • Car Seat Dimensions: 25.5” L x 19.25” W x 26” H  
  • Car Seat Weight: 25 lbs.

The Magellan LiftFit All-in-One Convertible Car Seat offers an unmatchable level of versatility. As your child grows, this seat can be used in five different modes, based on your little one’s age, weight, and height. 

  1. Baby Rear-facing 
  2. Toddler Rear-facing 
  3. Toddler Forward-facing 
  4. Child Forward-facing 
  5. Belt-Positioning Booster 

While you watch your little one blossom right in front of your eyes, you can take comfort in knowing this seat can support all the stages of their childhood, starting from their very first ride home from the hospital. Once your baby begins to transition into toddlerhood, they can remain rear-facing while adjustments are made to accommodate their growth until they hit the maximum weight or height (whichever comes first), then the seat can be turned around to face forward. Last but not least, as your child enters official big kid status, they can use the booster seat with the vehicle’s seat belt positioning until they hit the 100 lbs limit. 

During all stages, you can make customizations on the fly. The seat boasts a 14-position headrest with an integrated harness and a seven-position recline, both of which can be adjusted with just one hand. Better yet, all adjustments can be made without having to uninstall the seat, making it even more hassle-free for your family in the long term.  

If that wasn’t enough, this all-in-one seat goes the extra mile with its three-position Comfort Adjust Torso Protection — the only seat with adjustable Side Impact Protection. 

We also love that the Magellan LiftFit is aircraft-certified, so your child can enjoy the same comfort up in the clouds as they do on the road. 


Safe, Sound & Snug 

Safety is the number one concern for every parent looking for a car seat. Should an accident occur, you want to know your child has the highest-end safety features to protect them.  

Thankfully, the Magellan LiftFit All-in-One Car Seat comes with a SafeCell Impact Protection System, meaning it's prepared with multi-layers of shielding to ensure your child is safe. Plus, with strategically placed hard-shell sides, an impact-absorbent headrest, and five-point hardness, this all-in-one seat offers the best-in-market protection features.   

While the car seat has all the safety bells and whistles, it doesn’t come at the expense of providing top-of-the-line comfort. At every stage of use, your little one will feel cozy surrounded by luxury PureCosiTM fabrics that are made without wool or added fire retardant treatments.  

Bonus Points: The seat padding and harness cover are both fully removable and can be tossed into a quick washer cycle, so keeping this seat clean is a breeze. The seat also has two cupholders on each side (because road trip snacks are a must) which are both removable and dishwasher safe.   

Mom and Dad will also appreciate the out-of-the-way harness system and the auto-magnetic ClipQuick™ Chest Clip that makes getting baby in and out of the seat a whole lot easier. 

Final Verdict 

For the adventurous family who is on the go, the Magellan LiftFit All-in-One Car Seat from Maxi-Cosi is a time, money, and space saver. 

Give your child the gift of comfort and support with a car seat that is designed just for any age. Whether you’re driving around town or boarding a plane for your next family vacation, you can be rest assured your child is receiving the best protection possible in this multifaceted car seat.  

Hit the road with peace of mind and happy passengers with the Magellan LiftFit All-in-One Car Seat.