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Peg Perego Prima Pappa Zero 3 vs. Siesta High Chair

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Ladies and gentlemen…

Welcome to the main event of the evening, between these two popular, grow-with-me Peg Perego High Chairs!

In the blue corner, we have the Prima Pappa Zero 3 High Chair — stylish, lightweight, and easy to use. In the red corner, we have the modern and sleek Siesta High Chair — sturdy and reliable as ever!

Both contenders are vying for the title of “Best Peg Perego High Chair”. Who will come out on top? It's time to find out as we compare these two heavyweight champions in this ultimate high chair showdown!

Tale of the Tape

  • Suitable from birth up to 3 years old (or 48 lbs.)
  • Unfolded Dimensions: 29.6" x 21.6" x 41.6" 
  • Folded Dimensions: 11.6" x 37.16" 
  • Weight 17 lbs. 

  • Suitable from birth to toddler years ( or 45 lbs.)
  • Unfolded Dimensions: 29.16" x 23.5" x 41.16" 
  •  Folded Dimensions: 11.83" x 33.66" 
  • Weight: 23 lbs. 

From this preliminary comparison, both chairs can be used from newborn to toddler years, and their dimensions are pretty similar when folded or unfolded. The main two discrepancies are that the Siesta folds down a few inched smaller and is more hefty, weighing an additional 6 lbs.

Similar Chairs

Let’s start by taking a quick look at all the features these chairs share:

HARNESS: Both chairs are equipped with a 5-point harness to keep your child in place so they can’t wriggle out of the chair (and potentially fall), and they also include adjustable straps to fit them as their body grows.

RECLINE: Each chair is built for comfort and support with a 5-position reclinable seat, including a fully reclined position that makes the high chairs safe for newborns.

FOOTREST: In addition to the seat reclining, an included footrest has 3 positions so your child can put their feet up and munch in comfort!

TRAYS: The trays on these high chairs are removable so the chair can be pushed right up to the dinner table once your baby is of appropriate age. Both chairs also feature top trays that are also removable plus dishwasher safe.

FOLD: Both chairs can be folded in an upright and compact position, making it easy to store them out of sight or in a corner until needed. They are also self-standing when folded too!

Subtle Differences

With their foundational elements so similar, are there any notable differences between the Prima Pappa Zero 3 and Siesta? You better believe there are!

FRAME: The Siesta has a thick and sturdy frame (which is the main reason why it’s heavier), while the Prima Pappa Zero 3 has a thin, aluminum frame, making it more lightweight.

SEATS: The covers used on the seats are different, with the Zero 3 available in either eco-leather or vinyl, whereas the Siesta is only available in eco-leather. Both materials are easy to wipe clean, but the eco-leather offers more padding for superior comfort. Additionally, the Siesta has more colour options.

Both chairs use an easy-to-clean tray, but the Siesta’s is translucent, whereas the Zero 3’s is opaque. The release button on the Zero 3’s tray is also a bit more difficult to reach compared to the Siesta.

Peg Perego designed the Zero 3 with 4, 360° swivel wheels for better maneuvering around the home. The Siesta has straight front wheels and rear swivels, so it can still be turned (just not as easily).

The Siesta has a patented Stop & Go system, with lockable sliding buttons on the top sides of the chair. The Prima Pappa Zero 3’s rear wheels can be locked but parents will have to bend down to deploy them (if they can't lock the wheels with their feet).

Both chairs can be height adjusted, with the Siesta having 9 level adjustments for a more custom fit to a table, while the Zero 3 has 7 levels.

The Siesta’s harness clip is a one-button release, which is invaluable when you need to get your baby in and out of the chair in a jiffy. The Prima Pappa Zero 3 uses traditional buckle clips that requires 2 hands to release.

Parents can never have too much storage! We love that the Siesta has a rubber storage net on the back of the seat. This comes in handy for keeping things like bibs and napkins all in one place. The Zero 3 doesn’t have any storage.

These chairs are priced very close to one another. The Prima Pappa Zero 3 will run you anywhere from $299 to $449 depending on the model (ie. their “Ambience Licorice” model commands a higher price by using a wood frame instead of aluminum), while the Siesta models range from $399 to $449.

Get a Leg Up

Peg Perego has made two outstanding chairs designed to make mealtime a breeze for busy families.

The Prima Pappa Zero 3 is a light-weight option that is easier to move with its swivel wheels. It ticks a lot of the same boxes as the Siesta and is a bit cheaper in price

With the Siesta, you get a sturdier chair with a better locking system, more comfortable seating, more precise height adjustments, a one-button harness, and a larger assortment of colours to choose from. For us, it’s definitely worth the extra money for more convenience and comfort. If you like the Siesta but want a more elevated look, be sure to check out the Siesta Ambiance. This high chair has all the features we love in the OG, plus a classic wood-like finish.
To learn more, read the full in-depth reviews of the Siesta and Prima Pappa Zero 3.

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