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Peg Perego Siesta High Chair Review

Judith Little | | Comments 0

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Your pint-sized foodie deserves a comfortable seat at the table, wouldn’t you agree?

Introducing the versatile and cozy Peg Perego Siesta—it just might be the right high chair for your family. Today we are sharing 4 features we love about one of the most high-end high chairs on the market, starting with its versatile design!

Video Review

It's Versatile


If you’ve learned anything as a parent, it’s that your baby “stuff” needs to have more than just one purpose so it’s fair to have the same expectation for your high chair. Typically, a high chair doesn’t get used until your child is 6 months old, has full head control, and is ready to start the adventure of first foods, but no need to wait if you purchase the Siesta!

It has a deep seat, storage on the back, and boasts 5 recline positions allowing you to bring baby to the table even from infancy. The squeeze release on the back of the seat allows you to adjust the recline as baby grows until they are ready to use the upright position at mealtimes.

It's Comfy

Once your little one is sitting upright you can use the 3 footrest positions to keep them comfy. Because of the padding in the chair [we will get to that], your little one will enjoy colouring and crafting in their special spot even into toddlerhood – and there is nothing more satisfying than knowing your child is safe and secure in their 5-point harness when finger painting. Check out this video, for a guide how to rethread the harness.

Can we get a HOORAY from all the parents with a white kitchen on that one?

The Siesta has 9 adjustable heights that allow you to really bring your baby to the table no matter what style of table you currently have in your kitchen or dining room. You can tap into them by using the red levers located underneath the armrest.

It's Italian Made

If you take your pizza and pasta seriously, then you will appreciate that the Siesta is Italian Made, just like your Nona’s famous sugo. All Peg Perego baby products are made in Italy so you know you are getting a quality product that you will be able to use for years [and children] to come. 

Peg really did think of everything when making this luxury high chair. Did we mention the Siesta comes on wheels? Use the red buttons on the side of the chair to slide it back and forth as required allowing you to get baby close to the table for mealtimes. They even added rubber around the wheels to ensure no scratching of your floors when moving it around.

We can all agree that the Siesta is practical and well-made but is it easy to clean such a pretty chair?

It's Easy to Clean

The fabric on the Siesta is soft to the touch, easy to clean, and water-resistant. Bonus that it can easily be removed for those big spaghetti sauce messes or heaven forbid a dreaded poop explosion during dinner. Cheque, please!

The tray is oversized and comes with a convenient removable dishwasher safe tray liner for easy cleanup. We are happy to report that you can remove the tray with one hand, we’ve tried, just squeeze the button on the front of the tray to release.

It's Easy to Store

Let's talk about storage.

There is a hook on the back of the tray that can be used to attach it to the back of the chair for when not in use. Looking to save more space? Collapse the Siesta and slide it away between meals just remember that the seat should be in the lowest position for you to get the most compact fold. To see a demo, check out this video.

Folded: 11.83” x 33.66”
Unfolded: 29.16” x 23.5” x 41.16”
Weight: 23 lbs
Weight limit: 45 lbs
Peg Perego

Siesta Ambiance High Chair


What Do You Think?

So what do you think? Will the Siesta be the perfect high chair to bring your little to the table? We're here to help you feel confident on this journey so check out our Related Content for more in-depth reviews.

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