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The Upseat Booster Floor Seat Review

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Many of you may think that this seat looks familiar and wonder what differentiates this seat from all the others on the market. When Steve, the founder of Upseat, first connected with Snuggle Bugz we had the same questions as you! Now that we have successfully partnered with The Upseat, we want to share our findings.

Steve’s son was born with a condition where the family had to be particularly sensitive and attentive to posture. Because of this, Steve sought advice and guidance from some of the best physiotherapists and seating experts in the world. The message he received from all was: All infants should have a seat that facilitates anterior pelvic tilt (a slight forward tilt) and that widely splays their legs. This will engage core muscles, facilitate good posture, and assist in preventing hip dysplasia. Well, finding such a product in the market was impossible.

Steve and his family found that sitting wedges were readily available, but they did nothing to help support a young infant in the upright position. They made it their mission to create something that met their needs. 

Keep reading to learn why the slight forward tilt, wide crotch support, and large leg grooves set the Upseat 3-in-1 Floor and Booster Seat apart from baby seats!


Using an early prototype made out of window insulation foam, they began working with designers and engineers to create their own seats. After much feedback and testing, they began manufacturing the seats to make them available to parents around the world.

Snuggle Bugz first met with Steve, the owner of Upseat in March 2018. We immediately saw a great product that could have a tremendous impact on the market and felt that the reasoning “why” behind the product was a great fit for what Snuggle Bugz stands for. From there, Snuggle Bugz worked with The Upseat on colour selection and packaging feedback and partnered to launch the brand together.

In November 2018, we received the FIRST EVER Upseat Floor and Booster Seat shipment! Aside from the AMAZING backstory of how this Canadian brand came to be, there were the obvious physical advantages of the product:
  • Slight forward tilt of the seat, which engages your baby’s core muscles and encourages correct posture early on in life
  • Wide crotch support, which keeps the baby’s hips splayed and assists in preventing hip dysplasia. 
  • Large leg grooves that accommodate larger thighs for those delicious little legs. 
  • The versatility and longevity of the seat!


The Upseat includes a large, detachable tray for toys or food [bonus: it has finger holes that simplify the removal process!] and includes straps so you can use the baby seat as a booster seat at the table later in life. Due to the wide thigh holes of the seat, there will be no issues using this seat well into toddlerhood at the kitchen or dining room table!

If you have any other questions about the Upseat, leave us your comments below and we’ll be sure to respond. If you own an Upseat and have any feedback, you can leave your reviews here.


Don't just take our word for it - Joanne Weltman, Pediatric Physiotherapist, weighs in on the benefits of The UpSeat Floor and Booster Seat in this short video below.